Sunday, April 20, 2014

Side Split Maxi Skirt & Bornpretty Choker Necklace

I bought this side split skirt for my Birthday and I was planning on wearing it bare legged and skanky, but alas! Even the weather revolts against my attempts, to flash my cheesy white skin in the eyes of non suspecting pedestrians.  
Oh yeah, forgot to mention it's my Birthday today! Yaaaay? Another year of accomplishing absolutely nothing! Feels good to be quarter of a century old and still not doing anything other, than aimlessly floating through space. At least I have the small solace that lots of famous people were born on the 20th of April! Whenever someone finds out I was born on the same date as Hitler, they always exclaim: "Ooooh, that explains a lot!". Really? What does it explain exactly? I would love to know!

Side Split Maxi Skirt

Fashiony Part:

I've been searching for a grunge-like side split skirt for weeks and finally found this beauty, swimming majestically in the sea of online shopping. I thought it would look perfect with my new Bornpretty choker necklace. It's been a while since I've worn a choker. I had a black leather one with studs, in high school. It was the kind of choker, you'll have more luck seeing on a bulldog, than on a human being, but I loved it!  

Styling this was a no brainer. After all it's black, you can put a nylon bag on top of it and it would look fashionable. Although, I'm not quite sure about this cardigan. I got it from a thrift store and it looks like something my dad would wear to a funeral...
You already know the purple top from my previous post, necklace and silver ring are from Bornpretty and you can use my code KEITMC10 to get a 10% off their amazing inexpensive jewelry! 

Side Split Maxi Skirt

Bornpretty Choker Necklace

Bornpretty Choker Necklace

Side Split Skirt-, Choker- c/o Bornpretty, Ring- c/o Bornpretty, Clutch, cardigan and top- Second hand.

Happy Oyster, I mean Easter everyone!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Choies High Waist Leather Skirt & Shark Weeks

Choies Skater High Waist Leather Skirt
Who else here calls their period Shark Week??? Yes, I said the word period. I've lasted 2 years without mentioning the word period on this blog, but knowing my love for the inappropriate, it was bound to happen! God, feels good to get it off my chest! So yeah, period

Choies Leather Skirt

One of the things I enjoy watching, regardless of the day or mood, are Shark related movies and programs. (still haven't watched "Sharknado", but I'm sure it's going to be priceless) 
There's nothing better than a rainy afternoon, cup of coffee and humans being devoured by sharks on the telly. 

So, I bought this t-shirt that not only has the best shark movie printed on it, but it glows in the dark too! *_* I've been telling all my friends to come and join me in the toilet, so I can show them something cool...Now that I think about it, this might not be the best way to approach things.
I gave the tee a little trim on the bottom, because it's a man's t-shirt and it was too long for my short sexe body. Does it show? I hope not! I suck with scissors! 

I decided to style my "Jaws" tee with the new high waist leather skirt I got from Choies. I have another high waist leather skirt just like this one, the only difference is that it's shape is a bit fluffy and I can't really wear it everyday. Soooo, I got a new leather skirt that is slightly different from the one I previously owned... Great way to support consumerism! 

Do you guys like shark programs? If yes, why? If not, why not!??? They're the best!

Skater Leather Skirt- c/o Choies, "Jaws" tee- H&M (from a Bulgarian online store) , Bag- Nowistyle.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Choies Stripe Cropped Top & A Tale of Crazy Parents

Sorry for not being active on your blogs girlies, but I've been away to visit my crazy parents. I haven't seen them in months and I was preoccupied with being spoiled, because I was born. Yay!

My mother is a crazy woman. When I was a teenager she was the person to go out at night, with pajama and slippers, to "look for me", because apparently being 10 minutes late meant: "died somewhere in the gutters". One time she thought I was snorting cocaine, because I had a runny nose and constantly had to sniff my flowing snots. If I started exercising, she assumed I was turning anorexic. So immediately the table would be cluttered with thousands of meatballs, dozen different salads and three types of cake, just to check if I would eat it. 

But she's not just crazy, she's the kind of selfless mother that would rather arrange your underwear in an alphabetical order, than to do something to enjoy herself. She represents everything modern feminism detests. So when I heard she made a "garden" in our block's transformer station I had an urge to share it with you guys. We live on the 3rd floor and our transformer is right underneath the balcony. I'm scared shittles going down there, but mom isn't. She just goes down a ladder, making dad regret he even placed that damn ladder in the first place...


Told you she was crazy!  
Is it just me, or are your parents crazy too? Let me know if your family can compete with mine on the level of craziness!   

Fashiony part: Who here likes the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series?...I don't! But I like Freddy Krueger's shirt, so I used it as an inspiration for this look. I had difficulties with the tights, because the hole you see now, wasn't as big in the beginning... 
In the beginning, the hole was created...! (did you caught the reference? I'm so funny, right!?) Anyways, with the process of walking, the hole began to enlarge and in the end of the day I had a huge perfectly round planet on my leg. I still think it's cool though!

Btw, the lovely Katarina from the awesome blog Dare 2 Wear interviewed me for her blog's lounge section.  If you'd like to know more about yours truly, be sure to stop by her blog! ^_^

Stripe cropped top and horse bag- c/o Choies, Black patent boots and high waist shorts- Second hand, watch- c/o Bornpretty.