Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hippie Jeans and Yoins tassel necklace

My dream finally came true! No, I didn't meet Hugh Jackman, but I have photos in front of a carousel! Yes, my dreams usually vary from an almost impossible degree like, "Marry my male commander Shepard from Mass Effect" to "Start eating more healthy". To be honest, the second one sounds as impossible as the first. 

Who wouldn't want to marry this hunk? I swear, he looks much more better in action!

Ahem...back to fashion! I wore this outfit for a brief walk in the Mall. As you probably already know, I hate Malls. There's too many people there, just...too...many...But mom and dad sent me some cash for Christmas and I decided to spend it in the most egotistical manner possible and buy a new pair of booties. 
As it turns out, all these years of shopping only second hand, have left me as stingy as Scrooge and I didn't buy any booties. But I did manage to take these cool photos and wear my new thrift finds! (technically my sister's boyfriend took the photos, I owe him a beer!)

Everything here is second hand, except for the awesome tassel necklace which is again from Yoins. I'm currently working on greasing my rusty layering skills and this outfit is the result of my efforts. 

For the bottom layer I wore a pink ruffled shirt, that looks rather boring by itself alone, but combined with the appropriate sweater tools it creates a great combo. For the top layer, I stopped on a grass green sweater, with a wide neckline and asymmetric hem.

The bottoms were problematic, because I didn't want something boring like jeans or shorts. The winners here are these bell bottom second hand jeans from Vero Moda. For a nice bold finish I added the Yoins gold necklace and mom's vintage leather bag. 
I think the overall result looks like a cake with a dash of hippie vibe. What do you guys think? 

Tassel necklace - c/o Yoins, Bell bottom jeans, sweater and shirt - Second Hand.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Yoins White Oversize Shirt

Since I was able to understand what the word sex means, I've been intrigued by how it is portrayed in movies. The best part is watching a sex scene with your parents, while awkwardly trying to move along the conversation, desperately trying to make it less awkward, but perfectly understanding this is a feat of impossible merits...Apart from this, I've always enjoyed the "after sex" scenes, the "amber sunrise, prepared breakfast, wearing the man's shirt" kind of scenes. I love the white, basic huge shirts women wear (turns out 99% of the male populace has a white shirt in their wardrobe), it just looks more pretty and cozy next to a coffee mug. This is one of the reasons I've been on the lookout for an oversize men's shirt.

You may wonder, why don't I just wear the boyfriend's, but he dresses like a beer potato chip and doesn't own any shirts + I have no intention of looking like a beer potato chip.

One of the items I chose from Yoins to review, is exactly the white shirt I wanted. It's comfortable, flowy and light. Since I couldn't photograph myself wearing it with just my underwear, like a movie cliche, I opted for comfort and took my shirt for a visit to the boyfriend's workplace.   

It was cold and windy, so I brought my aztec scarf and fuzzy socks to keep me warm. The brown bag is a vintage find which I tore apart and now it's metamorphosed into a clutch. I know my scrunchy is disturbingly ugly, but I didn't have a more fashionable one. My motto is "If it's on the back and I can't see it, it doesn't exist!". Main reason why my hair on the back is almost never combed...

That's it for Sunday's post. I'm off to kill some dragons! Let me know in the comments, what do you think of those movie cliches and do you like the basic white shirt! ^_^

White batwing sleeves shirt - c/o Yoins, Chelsea camel boots - Stradivarius, Jeans - New Yorker 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Yoins Knitted Stripe Dress

This weekend was the equivalent of watching paint dry, while stuffing my face with muffins. I went to see my crazy parents and spend a few days there, overeating. I think I'm 5 pounds heavier...doesn't matter, had food! ^_^ I even brought some home - sweet delicious home-cooked food! No more ramen for this special lady! My mom is a gold mine! Anyway, while I was there, I took the opportunity to take a walk through our foggy London-like streets. My home town is called Lom, but I call it Lomdon, because it's always raining and foggy. I'm as creative as a jar of pickles!

Fashiony Part:

Nothing much to say, except that I have been crazy for Winter, snow and Christmas. I bought two types of Christmas lights already and placed a whole lot of Christmas boxes under the tree. My Christmas craze is showing in my outfits too!

I received this dress from my new sponsor Yoins and it's everything I want from a winter dress. It's slightly oversized, knitted from a warm and soft fabric and it's the perfect length. I've been trying to incorporate more basic pieces into my wardrobe, don't ask me why, I have no idea! Maybe it's a midlife crisis! I found this dress and thought it would be a great canvas for my other, not so basic accessories. 

This hat is a new second hand purchase, (I know I placed a shopping ban on myself, I'm a weak person...) and it feeds my color cravings like nothing else! The bag is a second hand find, the sister gave me, jut for this walk only. :( If anyone knows where I can get something similar, for the love of all chocolate, please, tell me!

So that's it for today's post, I hope you liked the outfit and see you soon! ^_^

Stripe knitted dress - c/o Yoins, Hat (Louche) - Second Hand, Scarf and Bag - Second hand.