Thursday, May 28, 2015

Boho Fringe Suede Dress And Rainbow MakeUp

Rainbow makeup? Yes! I can do this shit! 

Some people may not acknowledge this as an accomplishment, but if you usually try to place your eyeliner 15 times and still don't get it right, know what I mean, rainbow makeup is a big thing! My problem with makeup comes from the fact that not that it's hard, it's just I have the trembling hands of a shock victim. I can't pick my nose without poking my eye out!
I don't have shaky hands in general, but when I have to concentrate and stay still, I get all anxious and excited that I'm doing grown up things and as a result smudge everything. My nail polish is always a disaster, lipstick is out of line, and we've already covered the eyeliner topic. So, my point being - RAINBOW MAKEUP IS A BIG THING GUYS!

You have no idea how happy I was with this eye makeup. I made my boyfriend take fuckton of photos before drying out his patience and returning home to remove the makeup, sad tears flowing and all, I was practically killing my baby!
I used eye pencils for the three colors and I'm planning on using them on the lips too, will see... 
Are you guys good at makeup? Were you always or was it a process you had to learn? 

As for the outfit, I'm channeling my Coachella hate once again, this time with a little bit of layering and this year's trend - suede! I love suede, I remember it was cool when I was a teen? Or a kid? Can't really tell, the line between my childhood and teenhood is blurred, I was a late bloomer, kept playing Neopets till I was 16, first boyfriend at around the age of 17, so sad. 

I got this dress from a second hand store and it's rather shapeless and unflattering, so I'm planning on tying it into a knot and wearing it as a top in the future. The color is one of my most favorite after yellow and I am enamored by the fringe on the front. Since it was shapeless and weird I tied a grunge shirt around the waist and to add some layers and make it more fun I added my favorite hamster denim vest from Little Raisin Vintage

I said in previous posts I'll try and wear more jewelry, but I always forget when I go outside. I love how other bloggers are decorated from head to toe with accessories and jewelry, so I really need to make a habit out of it. This would have looked even better with more jewelry but oh well, you learn while you blog! I like the bracelet though and I'm very happy I finally figured how to wear it, because it's too big to place on my wrist. I can't  believe it took me 2 years to figure out I can wear it like that....
What are this year's trends you're loving so far? 

Fringe Suede Dress, Shirt & Backpack - Second Hand, Denim Hamster Vest - Little Raisin Vintage

Monday, May 25, 2015

Faux Snakeskin Shoes And Thoughts on The Burnout Phase Of Blogging

Sorry burritos, for being afk for a whole week, but I thought it's about time I get my share of blogging breaks as well. I rarely feel burnout by blogging, but when I do, I prefer to take a step back. If you think I spent this time going out and breathing fresh mountain air, guess again, I love the internet waaay too much to waste my time with real life. Instead I spent it playing The Witcher Wild Hunt, watching Black Sails and occasionally taking a shower when absolutely necessary. Anyone seen Black Sails? This show has so many blue eyed men in there you'd think pirates were supermodels back in the days. Looking at you Captain Flint, *drools*. 

Do you sometimes feel the burn? The burnout phase of blogging? How does it manifest? What do you usually do when it happens? 
For me, it manifests into a strong spite for everything related to fashion and blogging. It usually starts off as an exhaustion, like: "For the love of fried potatoes, how many freaking trends can they come up with!?". And ends with "Fuck it, I'll just live in my pajama for the rest of my days".
I feel like my brain is begging me to stop looking at fashion magazines, or else it might shrivel into a dried sponge. And it usually does when I don't listen to it and burn out in the end. I usually stand in front of my wardrobe in underwear not even trying to figure out what to wear, I just stand there all disgusted and angry at all the pink and fluffy things I own, wondering what sane person would need so much pink in his life.

When you start hating pink you know that shit hit the fan and it's time to regroup. After a few days of regrouping aka vegetating, I feel as charged as a potato battery. (sorry if this is not at all an accurate comparison, I suck at physics, math and everything that requires using more than 5 brain cells). 
So, inspiration on full force, today's outfit is one I feel as proud for creating, as when I place a proportionate eyeliner! I ordered this beanie and snakeskin shoes from Choies and think they work great together. The shoes are a fancy pair and because I'm not a fancy person I decided to add a dash of retardedness with a beanie that looks like it's not very fond of you. 

Excuse my bruises, I tend to bump into things, and if you are writing a quirky, awkward character in a love novel, let me tell you that for all my life, bumping into things never brought me a gorgeous silver eyed millionaire! On the contrary, most people release a smirk and almost always say something like "Whoa whoa there girl", like I'm some sort of a horse.

I was kind of disappointed I haven't been layering during warmer months, because I can't think of a way that wouldn't require sweaty palms and nerves of steel to endure the heat. Eek! So, I was really excited when I figured out a way to layer this slip dress. I added a gorgeous second hand boat neck top with stripes and dropped the sleeves down to expose the shoulders, and there you have it, my genius summer layering!

Do you likey? 

Gray Beanie - c/o Choies, Snakeskin Shoes - c/o Choies, Bracelet - c/o Choies, Everything else - Second Hand.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ethnic Inspiration: Pink Sneakers and Ethno Skirt

Last post was a bit longish so I'm going to keep this one sweet and short just like me! Ahem! The Witcher 3 will be coming out next week on Tuesday and I may or may not become obsessed with it and forget to blog, so apologize for this in advance. I may write a few dozen posts bragging about my new Collector's edition fully aware that no one would care, but this is what life is all about - me sharing stuff that excite me and people giving me the "I'm so bored right now I'd eat my hand off" stare. 

Speaking of caring, ever since I made a Facebook account I've sensed a very disappointing yet obvious pattern of likes. I made a Facebook page for my blog and thought: Hell, why not post stuff on my personal page as well. I added a few friends here and there and started sharing exciting stuff like Stargate Sg-1 memes and The Witcher trailers (exciting!!!), and you know what, my Facebook was like a desert which destroyed whatever overly-optimistic life form decided to foolishly arose. But as soon as I post a photo of myself, maaaaan, you should have seen the enthusiasm! Double bonus if there is a side boob showing or whatever. What's the lesson here kids? Side boob will get you everywhere, your personal interests will not. 

Any who, I think it's about time to talk about fashion! I'v been recently bewitched by the fluffy curse and I have been buying and wearing everything that has fuzz or fur on it. This sweater is no exception. I decided to show some skin and drop the shoulder down and mix it with my current favorite ethno skirt from Indian Point. I love this ethno print, it's a stunning blend of colors, geometric shapes and beads. I'm wearing the back as front, because the back has beads and who doesn't like beads! I'll probably wear this skirt with cycling leggings underneath though, since it's quite short and we all remember what happened last time I wore something short!

The sneakers are my new favorite sports shoe I showed you in my April favorites. I actually forgot what it's like to wear a comfortable sport shoe. All my previous sneakers were as uncomfortable as heels and scraped my skin razor-style. Who the hell makes these things? 

The only other thing worth mentioning is my horsy bag which I got from Choies last year and it's the best crazy bag ever. People love it and it's the perfect conversational piece. Like for example, if you're an awkward wallflower like me just bring a horsy bag with you and pretend you're having a thought provoking talk about the economy, you're bound to get attention and make friends this way! I should know, I'm practically drowning in friends right now! not
Btw, are you guys as hyped as I am about fluffy clothes? What is your current item obsession? 

Horsy Bag- Choies, Pink Sneakers -, Ethno Skirt - Indian Point, Fluffy Jumper - Second Hand