Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favorites

I bet you expected a thousand shots of pumpkin spice latte's here, but I can't afford fancy Starbucks coffee, or maybe I can?... Nope, scratch that, I can't! So, I hope you guys will settle with some shots of random un-autumny favorites I liked this past month! My stomach is making weird noises right now, perhaps it needs its daily doze of nourishment, but I'm a professional and blogging comes before eating...or bathing...or peeing! So I'm writing this hungry, pajama wearing & greasy haired - that's the Bulgarian blogger's way of doing things! Okay, back to the post!
Favorite cosmetic thingy - Dry Soap

I never even knew such a thing existed, until mom send me this little case filled with white, flower-scented pieces, of what I thought was paper! This is cool on so many levels I don't even know where to begin! How you use these little fuckers is just like ordinary soap. You wet your hands and wash them with a piece, it melts just like real soap and voila, you smell of peace and happiness! This is going straight to my survival backpack!

Favorite movie - Sword of the Stranger

This is one of those anime movies I can re-watch a thousand times and still feel my heart overfilling with joy and awe. I've always been intrigued by Japan's past, and this movie sets an atmosphere so well done, you can feel yourself just melting and being engulfed in the time period. 
The story is set in the Sengoku period (totally googled that!) and while it's not a table turning, overly original story, it shines because of it's simplicity. The characters are well developed, we have two main protagonists: a little boy and his dog and an ex Samurai. Their paths cross and from that moment on, you're taken through a journey of friendship, heartache and bad ass combat scenes. 
Aside from the moving soundtrack which gave me goosebumps, the ending which left me wanting more and the indescribable atmosphere, Sword of the Stranger has some pretty fucking good looking men there as well!

If not for my review, go watch the damn movie because of THIS!
So much sexiness!!!!!.... O_O
Favorite Practical Item - The Looser Raincoat 

Mom has a knack for buying stuff that are so unsexy even my cats won't look at me. Despite being unsexy and as ugly as me in 8th grade, these items are often very practical! Take for instance this yellow fisherman raincoat! We've been having lots of rainy days lately and because I'm an ass and want to ride my bike every day, I ride it even when it's pouring rain outside. Mah new virgin raincoat is actually quite handy!

(ppssst...I know what you did last Summer!...)

Favorite achievement - Keit is in a magazine again!

So happy about it! ^_^ I was asked to style a plaid skirt in four ways for the new Autumn issue of Triangle Style. Mom and dad are so proud I'm on paper, they keep the Summer issue at their workplace so they can brag and show it to their friends...What can I say, we live in a small town, sigh...
Go check these guys out, their magazine is a great coffee read! And you can see yours truly too, if you hadn't had enough of me already and don't have the urge to puke every time you see my awkward smile.

Favorite Thrift Find - Purple Booties

Yes! These were thrifted! I had no previous experience with second hand shoes before, mostly because the shoes that get delivered to Bulgaria, look like dead raccoons. I couldn't believe how pretty these were, looked brand new and intact and only for 12$! Do you likey? I'll be wearing these for Fall too, with some fuzzy socks, double win!
Pro tip, or maybe not that pro, use spirt (alcohol) to disinfect the inner part of the shoes. 

That's it for September! Hope you enjoyed the post, I know I did, I'm gonna lie in bed and die from starvation now, bye!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Choies Red Biker Jacket & Drama

My freaking fat cat is snoring right now, right beside my computer! I've never heard a cat snore before. Is it something I should be worried about? Because my initial reaction was to laugh my ass off!
How was your week burritos? Even though I'm jobless as cheese, I can't wait for the weekend to arrive! All my friends, including dah boyfriend are working, and you can't even chat with them for God's sake. Not that I have any friends, I have a sister, does that count?

I have been watching a lot of Vip Brother lately (yes, this show is still quite popular here in Bulgaria) and I've been feeling so guilty about it, but still can't stop watching it. I don't like reality shows and I stay away from them like I stay away from healthy food, but this time, this show spiked my interest. And it got me thinking, about our need as human beings for drama. We exaggerate a seemingly mild event into a dramatic one, a seemingly stupid thought into a whole swirl of other stupid thoughts. And when you reaaaaally think about it, if the current event doesn't threaten your or your family & friends life or well being, why worry about it, why create drama? And yet we do... See? Reality shows ain't all bad, they make my head do intelligent things too!
Do you guys worry about stupid trivial things, do you catch yourself seeking drama? 

Fashiony Part:

This is the jacket Gotham deserves...uuh...I meant I... I meant, this is the jacket I deserve! I'm a heavy metal kind of chick, even though most people think I listen to pop when they see my granny, non-heavy metal clothes. But now, with this jacket, everyone will learn that Keit listens to quality one will care...but they will know, which is enough for me! 

It's been hell of a cold here in Sofia, (the city where I live, duh!). So I styled my new leather jacket with cozy mustard booties, tights & warm socks. The shorts and t-shirt are second hand. It's a rather casual and boring outfit, but all I wanted was to lay back and relax and not think about what to wear that much. 
That's it for today, wish you all a Merry and Happy weekend! Not that rainy crap we've been having lately! 

Red biker jacket- c/o Choies, Mustard boots- Deichmann, Mirror glasses- H&M. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Week In Photos Part 2

I'm kind of excited you guys like this category of the blog, because I love capturing little insignificant moments from my life. I'm planning on sharing just the slightly more interesting weeks, not the ones where I'm in a consistent veggie state. I doubt anyone would like to see 7 photos of Keit sprawled like a starfish learning kanji and/or abusing the cats. Any who, here is another slightly more interesting week in photos!

1. Bottle caps from the boyfriend's beers. I'm planning on building a pyramid and storing my food there, cause we all know how the pyramids are, preserving food and having auras and stuff!

2. Cooked dinner, made it all romantic with candles and wine, and then ate alone because I was hungry and couldn't wait for the boyfriend to finish a game he was playing. 

3. A shot of the weather outside. Depressing as fuck.

4. First time in years since these two hugged each other. The big one Muffin hates the little one Firefox, don't know why, but she hates her in the guts! I kind of understand Muffin, because Firefox never bathes herself and stinks like rotten eggs and who would want to cuddle with a smelly egg?

5. Took the boyfriend from work with the bike. Here's a shot from our neighborhood. 

6. A necklace I bought from a little stall positioned in our local park. I wanted to buy everything from there, lots of shiny things! *_*

7.  Final shot! We were supposed to go on a mussel farm with some friends, but it turned out the farm was closed. We tried going to two other restaurants, but they were all closed as well...this is the face of disappointment.

That's it for today! Let me know how was your week you Brussels sprouts you!