Sunday, April 26, 2015

Floral Maxi Skirt With A Sexy Front Slit

First time I'm using the word sexy in my blog post title! Way too often I don't feel sexy, I feel rather like a meatball or a mashed potato instead of a hot potato. Ever since I was a kid I've felt more masculine than feminine, which isn't to say I don't enjoy being girly, and you all know my pink obsession, I just don't feel sexy. It shows in the way I walk, the way I burp my beer and the way I wear a barbecue sauce stained t-shirt for three days in a row. Soooo, in the days when I feel sexy, I must be wearing something very special, (or nothing, wink wink) to feel that way.
In this case, it was something special. I picked up this floral number from Choies alongside with a generous amount of bracelets and this is one of those dresses which you can not NOT feel sexy in. First time I'm using a double negative too, I feel so fancy right now!

Okay, so you might be wondering what's so special about this dress, well, did you see it? It wraps around the body like a second skin and the front slip flows on the sides exposing some white untanned flesh, bonus points if you have wind! Put on your shades, because Keit's veiny white legs are making a tribute! 

I love dresses that are tight on the right places - boobs, waist, hands; and more loose on the butt so I can leisurely wear grandma boxers without the fear that the dress might outline them. For this particular outfit I wore shorts underneath, but still, someday I'm going to be brave enough to wear it just with panties. 
This is another reason I don't consider myself feminine, buying underwear is a chore. The other day I was happily putting on my bra, which is practically disintegrated from years of reuse, when the boyfriend exclaimed "I should buy you some bras"... When the boyfriend suggests buying me underwear, you know things are getting pitiful. 

I considered styling the dress with a faux fur collar, but since it's my first time wearing it on the blog I decided to keep it simple and make the dress the main event. So instead I steered away from my Harajuku wannabe phase and wore it in a very basic way, but added a little bit of jewelry here and there to spice things up. Do you like? 
Let me know in the comments, do you ladies consider yourself more feminine or masculine and why do you think that is?

Floral Dress with a front slip - c/o Choies, Owl Pendant Bracelet - c/o Choies, Brown Cross Pendant Bracelet - c/o Choies, Swarovski Necklace - Gift from aunt, Purse - Second Hand, Camel Boots - Choies

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My New Home with Tons of Photos!

We finally had some free time on our hands and took some photos of the new apartment, and by we I mean the boyfriend took them while I was bossing him around. Hope this post isn't too boring for you guys, as I'm very happy with my new home and I wanted to share it with my internet buddies!
I finally live in a place that feels cozy and it's dark enough to play video games inside when the sun is shining and people are outside living life. Our previous apartment was luxurious and fancy, which doesn't always equal home. We call it the "fuck place". The fuck place is the kind of place a rich kind of guy would bring in ladies to impress and swoon, with the hope to get lucky later the night. I said, it wasn't very homey! New place is dirty and everything is broken, and this is just why I love it!

I wanted to make before and after photos, because when we first moved in it was really crappy, hence I was missing a whole week from the bloggy trying to make it less crappy. Alas, my laziness got the best of me yet again so I didn't make before photos... story of my life dude, sigh...
Any who, we'll start the tour with my favorite place - the kitchen!!! 

Those cupboards were the ugliest things I ever laid my astigmatic eyes upon! They had a very soviet - looking lemon paintings on top and a nice vintage yellow hue. People from Eastern Europe will appreciate the pain of soviet decorations, but for my other fellow bloggers there is no possible way to explain how awful those cupboards were. Just use your imagination!
The cupboards had to be destroyed or at least hidden from sight, so I had to get creative. I had a fancy cook book mom gifted me and I used it the best way I know of - tearing up the pretty pictures and sticking them on top of the cupboards. For the record, I might someday cook something from these pages, might, not promising anything though!

Here is a closeup of a mouthwatering cherry pie recipe.

And here is yours truly, pretending to be wondering what to cook for dinner, instead, I was thinking about Hugh Jackman's pecks.

Here are my jar ingredients up close. I have everything, even stuff I don't know how to use, like curcuma, I have no idea how to cook curcuma. O_o

For the other part of the kitchen I bought some vintage paintings and checkered cloths to try and hide the dirt and nail holes. Mission accomplished! The door you see leads to our balcony where we spend a lot of time gossiping and cursing the people walking down the street.

Here's a shot of the most beautiful girly curtains and the fridge I use to store stuff that are close to my heart: paper gifts from people who are dear to me and food!

A vintage kitchen hanger you probably saw on my Instagram.

And of course, jams! This wouldn't be a proper vintage girly blog if there weren't any jams! The pink one is a jam of roses! I never knew jam of roses existed, so I was dying to try it. I bought one when I was with mom and first thing she said to me was "Rose jam gives diarrhea"... The perks of having a mom who is a nurse - always informative about various bodily functions.

After my glorious jams, we move onto the room in which we spend most of the time, because the internet is here! We have tons of pink stuff, because I wanted pink stuff and boyfriend doesn't mind being called gay. Sorry boyfriend, I need pink to survive! The fancy computer with the gray chair is my precious. 

The lamp next to it is a Japanese paper lamp I bought from an incredibly talented girl which makes beautiful lamps like the one here. Go visit her page! I don't know if she ships internationally, but if you're from Bulgaria, definitely check her out!

A closeup of the lamp.

This is the huge couch which we use to play PS3 games on (currently GTA5) and on the front wall is the baby crossbow we bought for Christmas. In front you can see boyfriend's computer and a bar-like shelf with our very officey looking lamp and an awesome Fashion book the boyfriend gifted me for my Birthday.

Here you can see a sneak peek of  the book, which I will be showing you in my April Favorites post soon. In front is my huge wardrobe... ALL...MINE and my favorite Witcher poster. The door leads to a room which we call "The pointless room".

Here is The Pointless Room. We call it that way because we don't spend a lot of time here and we mostly use it to store our stuff. Because we don't use it the cats love it and they spend 90% of their time here. Those cats are the most antisocial cats on the planet, wonder where they get it from...

Nothing much to mention here except for my inspiration board on the wall and the red bamboo thingy next to it is actually a food tray. On the brown wall next to the door we placed our bigger crossbow and my polaroid photos from Printic

Closeup of the crossbow and photos. I know, it's a weird combination, think of it as tough love...

And now for the room where the magic happens, and by magic I mean sleeping! The bedroom!
Have to be completely honest and say I did a few Photoshop brushes here, because it's not the best kind of room. I removed a few stains off the wall, that apparently can't be cleaned with human strength, I'm not sure Wolverine's adamantium claws would work either. 
I also removed an electric toothbrush that was suspiciously resembling a vibrator and that's about it, everything else is legit!

Nothing much to say about the bedroom except for the awesome mirror which I used to place all my makeup, perfumes and jewelry. 
Going to end this post with a few artsy fartsy shots and that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour, have a beer on me!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Coachella Shmoachella

If I read another Coachella related article I swear I'm gonna get hemorrhoids. Every...God...damn year...Coachella this Coachella that, leave the people with no money alone you assholes!!! I don't have nearly enough cash for Coachella, but even if I did, I wouldn't go there because the groups suck! There I said it! They suck! Also, I'm pretty sure all the hipsters there will make me go American Psycho on everybody, so for the love of all that is satanic, stop with the Coachella!

I don't know why I harbor such hate for fancy events, but every year there's either Fashion Week or Coachella or some other incredibly amazing expensive ultra mega cool event that needs to be mentioned every 2 seconds everywhere and it makes me irritated for some unknown reason. Either way, I decided to channel my hate the best way I know - through subtle passive malevolence and dressed up Coachella style: white crochet lace, ripped jeans, backpack, everything you need for a stupid festival, except for the comfortable shoes.

Don't be deceived by these loafer's seemingly cozy shape, they hurt as if I've got a heated rod pierced in my flesh. I'm currently limping because of these shoes, but they're so pretty no? Boyfriend said they look like granny's shoes and he's accurate. I bought them second hand and they look like something a grandma would wear, but not sure if she would survive the pain and agony. You need mad skills to endure a painful shoe. They should make an annual awards event for women who endure painful shoes, now this is a fancy event I'd totally go to.

Do you ladies wear shoes you like and feel pretty in, even though they may make you bleed out?

Fashiony Part!
I bought this crochet top from my favorite second hand store Remix, you guys probably heard me mention a thousand times already and it's the best thing ever! If this top was a man it would be a Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Jackman and Alessandro Preziosi sandwich, wrapped around with a side bacon of Michael Shannon and Till Lindemann. I love how it flows gently in the heat and those gorgeous lace details on the top and bottom. It's a little transparent, but I paired it with a white tank top underneath and voila. 

Because I'm channeling my inner Coachella hate I decided to wear this more rocker-boho so I added some ripped jeans and my new gorgeous bullet necklace from Choies. The backpack is from Remix again and I think it's a child's backpack. I don't know why but way too often kid's and men's clothes are much better than female's. Have you guys sensed this pattern as well? 

That's a wrap! Let me know do you get annoyed by all this Coachella talk, or is it just me? 

Crochet Top and Backpack - Remix, Loafers - Second Hand, Ripped Jeans - Choies, Bullet Necklace - c/o Choies