Friday, October 31, 2014

Alice Madness Returns

This post is going to be a quicky one, just to show off my Halloween costume and I'm off to get irresponsibly drunk! Bulgaria is not big on Halloween, but who the hell cares, when you have an opportunity to dress like someone other than your miserable self!

I've had enough of Keit this year, so I'm planning on being Alice from Madness Returns today. The madness is all present, now I just have to dress up!

I love the bad ass, bug eyed character in this game. The only thing we have in common are the green eyes and that she jumps a lot, so there's that! This is the first time I did eye shadow's so hard! How do you people put eye shadow on your eyes without smudging everything? I think I smudged eye shadow on my cats, eye shadow everywhere! O_O  

So what say you? Do you likey? Do you guys celebrate Halloween? What creepy, slutty monster are you going to be this year? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Fashion Shallow & a Salmon Oversize Knit Sweater

Newsflash: I'm sick!

Sorry for not being very active on your blogs lately, but I've caught the obligatory Winter cold. We got our first snow on Saturday, I went outside without a hat and BAM, take that running nose and high temperature! Thank you useless body and your nonexistent immune system! 
I'm currently wrapped in a blanket burrito style, oozing sexy secretion on the keyboard, holding a handkerchief that is so torn up, it belongs to a World War museum, so I'll be brief with the fashion blabber. 

I am currently on a strict shopping ban! For the last couple of weeks, I've bought so many things I can't stop feeling guilty about it, even though they're second hand O_O.  
I believe fashion is a hobby like any other, but society has brainwashed me into feeling guilty every time I desire a new pair of boots.
People pay money for skydiving, the gym, golf, toy collections, games, and I've always wondered why fashion in particular is regarded as the shallow one. You pay money for crap that makes you happy, I pay money for crap that makes me happy, nothing new here. 

Maybe people think it's shallow because you pay so much attention to how you look, but that doesn't make any sense either. I like to style different outfits, they make me feel pretty and comfortable in my own skin, they give me an endorphin boost and as a result I'm more confident and happy. I don't dress up, because I want to draw attention to me, on the contrary, I often dress with the ugliest things. Once I wore a tartan bath robe as a coat, mom and dad almost had a heart attack. 

Why should a normal hobby be any different than the love for fashion? The main principal is the same: it is something you invest money and time into and the result is, it makes you feel happy and more fulfilled. 
I'm curious, what is your take on this matter? Do you think fashion is shallow and why?

Man, that wasn't brief at all, maybe this flu thing is damaging my precious brain! Never mind that, let's talk outfits...and weather! We took these photos when the weather was still appropriate for living! Mom gave me this metallic rose headband and I've been wearing it nonstop. I've got a "I kind of like it/ I fucking hate it and want to tear it into oblivion!" relationship with headbands. I think my hair is weird and it doesn't go well with any kind of hats or headdress, but I like how this metallic one looks. 

The oversize salmon sweater is H&M and I got it from our online second hand store. I love the subtle colorful threads, the oversize fit and loose neckline. I need sweaters with bigger necklines in my life! Small necklines choke me and not in that good BDSM way!
I wore this for a casual bike beer ride with the boyfriend, so I paired the sweater with skinny jeans, fluffy socks and the leather backpack, which by the way, my cat decided to pee on! There's not enough detergent in the world to wash that stench!   

Salmon oversize sweater - H&M (Remix), High waist skinny jeans - Asos.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Choies Pink Shearling Coat

I've been wondering what to write here for half an hour now. I've been staring blankly at the monitor in my pj's, looking like a patient from an insane asylum cause I just woke up. I guess there's nothing interesting going on in my life right now, that is worth sharing. If my life was a sitcom it would be cancelled in like 4 days. People would lapse into a deep coma after watching me play Guild Wars 2 for 5 hours straight....
The only new, slightly interesting thing is, that I bought a new lipstick, which is capable of lasting on your lips for a whole lifetime! I wanted a lipstick that could endure my constant overeating, but this is ridiculous! It's like it merges with the cells and you can't take it off until you rinse it a hundred times with acid! Still, it's a lovely, dark red velvet color and as long as it makes me look like a whore, I'm happy!  ^_^

Oh, how could I forget, I also got a lovely new shearling coat from Choies

These were very popular in every Bulgarian village. They still are, actually! The sour stench of sheep and little straws, and dirt woven into the wool, make them the fashion choice of mostly grannies and grandpas, so I'm curious, are these popular among villagers in your country too? 
It's weird seeing something that your grandma wore decades ago, just to keep her warm, turn into something fashionable which you can see on the catwalk, worn by sexy models with prickly bones. Can't say I'm not happy these babies are around, cause I love them! Especially the pink one I'm wearing. 

For the styling here I used a dark blue thrifted tank top, which I cut the sleeves off, because it was too big, the boyfriend jeans from Frontrowshop, and a pink belt for contrast. The pink socks were once white and meant to be worn by the male gender, until the boyfriend shoved a bright red t-shirt into the washing machine and now they're pink and perfect for MEEEE!!! ^_^
The huge pompom hat is an awesome find I bought 6 years ago, it makes my hair all electricky but it's worth it! Do you likey? 

 Pink Shearling Coat - c/o Choies, Boyfriend jeans - Frontrowshop, Top - second hand.