Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Hello and bye!...........
Just kidding! I tried to make a dramatic entrance, but growing up with The Bold and The Beautiful episodes and seeing how my mother almost popped a vein over a fallen jar of jam on the carpet, my understanding of drama is, to put it mildly, distorted. Did my attempt work though? Did I scare you? I can hear your simultaneous "meh" right over here! Shame on you!

Before we dive into the professional fashion talk accompanied by absolutely must have words like: "pretty, awesome, makes my butt look cool, urban, chic..." you know the ones, I want to apologize for being afk for so long and leaving your blogs pile up in my "To Read" list. The truth is I had a couple of rough days, which turned into weeks and I didn't feel like doing anything other than shielding myself from the outside world Darth Vader style and eating pizza for a whole month.

I was feeling like a vegan with zero survival skills who's suddenly been thrown into the wild - confused and questioning my life choices....But as the weather is turning into crap, and since I love crappy weather, I've slowly started picking up my shit, getting a healthy doze of Hugh Jackman stalker material and actually eating fruit! In other words, I'm back on my feet, figuratively speaking since I'll probably lie on the sofa the second I finish this post, I love my sofa and blanky okay?
I will be returning to my scheduled blog reading too, so if you've missed my brilliant, absolutely revolutionary comments like: "I like your dress...so prettyyyeeeh *_*" then you're in for a treat!

Now onto the fashion talk! Looky what I've got - coin purses with an adorable fiery and silver kitty, and this horrible abomination of a dog. Dog gives me the creeps....I do love the kitties though!

Choies sent me these coin purses as a surprise and boy they were a surprise indeed! I didn't know they would send me these, so I didn't check my mail box for weeks, since I like to leave my bills and junk mail to feel cozy and warm, and to pile up nicely with a few spiderwebs for maximum comfort.
I finally cracked and decided to check my post box and saw the notice and went straight to the post office, thinking that some exotic prince must have sent me a letter asking money for a wedding and a castle in return. Or maybe I'd get one of those chain letters where you have to resend them a hundred times or your cat will die or whatever.
Thankfully I got cute coin purses instead, phew! I wasn't too keen on these when I first saw them, but as time went by I grew more and more fond of them. Especially the kitties....not the dog...NOPE!
I love that they're actually more like plush toys than purses and my favorite would be the orange kitty.

I'll be using these for storing small crap I'm never able to find in my gigantic bags.
1. Lip balm
2. Compact mirror
3. A credit card which transforms into a knife! Didn't expect that did ya? Did yaaaaa!!!!?

Ta da!!! Magic!!!

I also like that the purses have strings so I attached one to my belt and voila - knife and lip balm are easy to reach and looking fancy!

We've been having nothing but rain and cold lately and GAWD ALMIGHTY, this is what I've been waiting for whole year!!! I couldn't wait to go outside and smirk hellishly at all the wet benches and muddy puddles, no more beach time you damn hipsters!!!!
The oldest trick in the book for dressing rain appropriate is a raincoat and rain boots, and since I'm an old pony, I decided to stick to the cliche and go for it full max power! I wore my yellow virgin raincoat you may remember from my monthly favorites post, an awesome dress I thrifted few days ago and topped it all off with these shiny rain boots mom bought me.

Ever since I watched Busbee's video on wardrobe basics, I've been on the hunt for rain boots. Busbee is one of my favorite vloggers and as she says, it makes sense to include them in the must have category, since they're uber cute with dresses and not to mention the water proof bonus! I looked for a cute knee high pair, but most of them were over 60$ and I'm not buying something that a fisherman probably found in the ocean, for 80$! So I gave mom a mission to find me some cheap rain boots and being the caring mom aka bargain machine she found me these flower beauties for 1BGN! Which according to Google is 0,58USD! I've lost hair strands more expensive than that! Sheesh!

I'm under the impression most people hate rain boots, it's like the UGG phenomena, you either despise them or adore them. Do you guys like rain boots? Do you have a pair? What is your favorite outfit for crappy weather?

Yellow Rain Coat, Dress & Rain Boots - Second Hand, Kitty Coin Purse - c/o Choies

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Victorian Era Inspired Outfit With A Chiffon Crochet Blouse

So far it's been a rough week...First my cat peed on my favorite leather backpack, then she peed on the whole sofa (WHOLE SOFA!), then I found out that she has been consistently peeing on another gorgeous red bag I've had since forever, which was sponsored to me by Nowistyle...
Get a cat they said, it will be great they said, you'll have someone to cuddle they said...No one ever considers telling you a cat's pee smells like the plague ridden Europe in the year 1347, and that your clothes will be forever riddled with cat hairs, and when you make sudden moves at a restaurant there is a 89% chance some amount of cat hair will be sprinkled on top of someone else's dinner! Whoever you are, you poor unlucky bastard, I am sorry!

At least I have someone to wake me up every morning with the sounds of horrible meowing screams of hunger, then avoid me for the rest of the day as if I don't exist...Wait....never mind, these cats are useless! Anyone looking to adopt two? They come with high maintenance and zero gain.
Anywhooooo, let's talk clothes - my number one superficial love! Number two is jewelry shaped like food and number three are over the knee boots that make you sweat and release weird groans every time you attempt to remove them.

The outfit of the day is my rather misguided interpretation of the Victorian dresses. The only thing that would make the look complete is the staple of the Victorian era - the delightful and kinky granny knickers! But since I already wear an embarrassing amount of comfortable granny underwear on a daily basis, I decided to leave the knickers for better days...

I ordered this chiffon crochet blouse from Choies and gotta admit, not very fond of how it looks on me. I feel kind of broad with them, know what I mean? I'm a 44kg spoon so looking broad is something I do not desire. Maybe my overly self conscious brain is imagining things, what do you guys think? Nonetheless, I love this blouse, the neckline reminds me of an old Victorian dress, so I thought I'd make it more kewl by I layering a thrifted steampunk dress underneath. You may have seen this dress on my previous post, if not, well...here it is again! Talk about originality!

I also included my favorite blue mascara and voila, we have an explosion of navy colors and lace! Yum!

Embrace my retarded posing!
Steampunk Dress - Second Hand, Red Bag - Random Chinese Shop, Lace up ankle boots - Choies, Chiffon Crochet Blouse - c/o Choies, Cuff bracelet - Choies

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back to School NOT! Outfit

I  harbor deep hatred towards any kind of institution where you're not allowed to say the word "fuck" or wear glow in the dark sneakers and my university was of similar sort.   
My previous schools were rather liberal on that matter and yet, I hated every day spent there. Ever since 1st grade, when I realized I'll be friendless at least till 5th grade, school has been my personal circle of hell. My days at primary school were filled with woolen vests my grandma knitted for me, that worked as a shield when I tried to establish contact with other human beings, I wore a trendy retainer which I neatly stashed into a flashy yellow neon case every time I ate, I was almost always alone like one of those cliche scenes in teenage movies, but on the bright side, at least I got mostly A's...neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!

High school was much better, I was starting to resemble a human, instead of a turnip with braces, so I was getting attention from boys, made some friends and had a very exciting social life where I was allowed to stay till 10pm until the age of 18. So rebellious! After my graduation I was looking forward to studying in a respectable university, because everyone said that's what you're supposed to do. Relaxing a few months first, or maybe even learning by yourself something our Bulgarian schools couldn't teach you, is out of the question. To quote Paris Hilton, being a student is HOT! So, I entered whatever specialty I was accepted into, not even considering I might not like it, because having a piece of paper that wrote "Bachelor Degree in Something You Hate and Don't Understand" was way more important than your stupid happiness.

So, 4 years went by, studying stuff I hate, spending time with people I despise, drinking beer at 10 in the morning because no way I'm going through a whole day in there without some help! Four years of boring school outfits, exams, apathy and finally I was free! Free from school! Now, whenever I have an itch to study something, FIRST I try to see if I can't learn it by myself and my LAST resort would be school. That's how much I hate it!
That's why, today's outfit is back to school NOT outfit, minus the backpack which I now realize is a very schoolish thing to wear. Sorry! >.<

I found this kawaii oversize pink sweater on Choies and it was like finding my long lost scrunchy, which my cat loves to chew and hide. I immediately added this glorious sweater into my basket, while mouth watering with saliva and heart beating, as if I've just heard the news that they're making a second season of Attack on Titan anime.  @_@

I rolled up the sleeves of my new kawaii sweater to show you a new multicolored bracelet I bought from my favorite second hand store Remix and added a thrifted chiffon maxi red skirt. I wore this for a night out at our cinema, not actually seeing any movies btw, new season movies are so horrible!!!!!!!

So that's it for today's non school outfit! Tell me, are you guys currently studying something? Do you like it? And overall, how was/is your life in school?

Kawaii oversize pink sweater - c/o Choies, Chiffon Red Skirt - Second Hand, Multicolored Bracelet - Remix, Lavender Backpack - Choies