Friday, August 29, 2014

Gemstone Embellished Sweatshirt & Ironing

I'm going to ask the big question here...When is NOT ironing clothes going to get trendy? I've been desperately waiting on this to fix my life! Imagine a world where you don't have to use a wobbly iron with dripping hot water on your fluffy white socks. I can't count how many times I've been burned by this satanic electric invention, not to mention I can't even use it properly and my clothes still look like rags from a murder scene. 

Not ironing clothes should be a new fashion statement: "Look at me, I'm so chill and rebellious". Instead, nowadays it's: "Look at me, I'm a lazy fuck and no one loves me, I refuse to look good!".
I'm waiting on all those fashion magazines to put into motion a butterfly affect or something, where one person decides they don't give a dime about ironing, and it spreads like a zombie plague, until the whole world starts resembling a creased old rag. 

Fashiony Part

Today's outfit is my first welcoming of Autumn. The air is slowly starting to get colder, the sun isn't as warm as before and all that pressure to enjoy Summer activities is gone forever. Now I can lay in bed and watch anime in peace! 

This is evidently not your typical Fall outfit, but I can't stop wearing color even during depressing days. Rainbow colors keep me sane O_o. 
Sweatshirts are my staple for colder days, they are versatile, comfortable and make my bony structure more pleasurable for hugging. So when I saw this gemstone work of art on Choies, I had to snatch it. 

I had a few bumps when trying to figure out what would suit this sweatshirt best. I didn't want to pair it with something boring, so I pulled out my gorgeous gauze skirt from Nmenouno. I tied the hair in a ponytail for a playful twist and matched everything with my Choies lavender backpack
Do you guys likey? Are you ready and excited for Fall? 

Gemstone embellished sweatshirt - c/o Choies, Lavender Backpack - Choies, Dotted maxi Skirt - Nmenouno.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Styling a Red Faux Leather Skirt & Underwear Drama

I wanted panties for my Birthday....I bet you're extremely excited for learning this valuable information!
I seriously needed panties, so I told all my friends to get me the best birthday gift ever: underwear! I was eager, looking forward to all the pretty panties I would drown in. Maybe you're wondering: "But Keit! Why the hell don't you buy your own underwear?". Well... I have this rule where I don't waste money for stupid little know...the necessities like: food, toothpaste and underwear. Spending money on a machete is a rational and sane decision, but spending money on a bra? Hell no! 

So, my Birthday finally came and...I didn't receive any panties. All my friends said they couldn't find an underwear that would fit my small ass..they literally said that! I didn't know if I should feel flattered or a little concerned...but the fact is, I still don't have proper underwear. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't rely on your friends to buy you embarrassing stuff. 

Today's outfit is another feeble attempt at grunge-wannabe. The electric yellow top, faux leather skirt and bracelets are from Frontrowshop. I've wanted a red leather skirt to add to my collection of "clothes I don't need, but want" for years. I think this is one of those wardrobe essentials you can style in any way, for any season and occasion. I seriously can't wait for Winter to arrive and wear this with a huge chunky knit, maybe freeze my ass in the process, but my ass is an enduring one (and a small one apparently), so not worrying about it that much...
The choker is a new addition to my jewelry deposits, and I'll be featuring close ups of it in my August Favorites post soon!

The length of this skirt makes me happy! ^_^ It's long enough for bike rides, and fancy enough to park the bike near a luxurious restaurant and pretend you arrived with a limousine!

I don't know why I haven't posted a lot of bloopers in the bloggy, since most of the photos we take are a failed attempt to look normal. So here's one blooper for ya!

Red leather asymmetric skirt- c/o Frontrowshop, Neon basic shirt- c/o Frontrowshop, Silver bracelets- c/o Frontrowshop, Choker- random heavy metal shop. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alexbuy Gemstone necklace & Silver Cami Dress

Hi everyone! How is your week so far? The boyfriend fell from his bike and stretched his tendon, so now he's crippling like a zombie. This didn't stop me from forcing him to take my outfit photos of course, there's a special kind of hell for people like me. 
Forcing a cripple to take your photos is a whole new lever of evil, but he's been ordering me around nonstop to buy him beer, so I guess this makes us even? He's half beer half human now!

Few days ago, I was contacted by Alexbuy, to review one of their gemstone necklaces. If you don't know who they are, Alexbuy are an online store offering various merchandise, clothes and jewelry included. I received the necklace in two weeks, which is like the golden rule of ordering now, I receive everything in two weeks! The communication with customer service was painless and very enjoyable, which I deeply appreciate.
The box is what I love the most. It is a gorgeous mix of pink and red velvet, perfect for gifting to an undeserving friend, or an imaginary one, like mine!

I was wondering how to style this necklace, I wanted to keep its feminine charm, but add a little Keiti pepper to it as well, so I landed on a classy/casual ensemble consisted of a silver cami dress, a slouchy bright cardigan and the hologram biker boots. For balance, I added the mirror glasses and silver clutch. 

Gosh, I look so bored in here, why do I keep making faces like that? I swear, I wasn't bored at all, I was laughing at my crippled I said - a special...kind...of... hell...

Have you guys ever ordered anything from Alexbuy? What was your impression? 

Silver cami dress - Frontrowshop, Hologram cut out boots - Fashionthirsty, Cardigan and silver clutch - thrifted, Mirror glasses- H&M, Gemstone necklace- c/o Alexbuy.