Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ragged Sweater and a Check Gothic Skirt

Few days ago I made a small step for human kind and went shopping NOT second hand. It was a weird experience for me, the clothes didn't smell of toxic detergent, the floors were polished and squeaky, there was food and music that made the sound of scratching nails on a black board feel like a picnic!

NOT second hand shopping always traumatizes me. I'd walk around the glossy shops with a slight squint in my eyes, because of the bright lights and jaw wide open because my nose is always clogged from the cold and I'd keep getting drawn towards the most expensive stuff. 

I have a radar for ridiculously expensive clothes. The store could have only one piece that would be priced 199$ and it will be the only thing I like, I'd run towards it harboring hope that maybe this time, this time it wouldn't cost me a heart attack... And then I'd run away from it, hissing like a vampire that's just been shoved into a bright window, my stomach making weird noises from shock and horror upon seeing the price.  

Needles to say my NOT second hand shopping didn't go so well. I saw a magnificent, wool cape-thingy in Zara, touched it, tried it on, saw the price, gently and carefully removed it from my unworthy body so that I wouldn't damage anything and have to pay for it, and went to buy a KFC bucket of despair to sooth my damaged psyche. 

These kind of experiences are the reason I am more than happy when I see something unique in a second hand store, bring it home, try it on and feel like the queen of thrifting. The outfit I'm wearing here does exactly that. I saw this sweater in my favorite online second hand store and immediately knew what outfit I'd like to create with it. The inspiration for it was a rag doll. I wanted to make an ensemble that was torn, dusty and dark. I had the sweater, so all I needed was an equally torn skirt, which I saw in the same online store for 4$. 

I love the asymmetry in the skirt and the drab and gothic feeling it creates. I tied it with a belt because it was slightly bigger for my skeleton body and tucked the sweater underneath. For the rag doll effect I played around with the hair and made some subtle retro waves. 

I wondered if the peeking bra was a bit too whorish, but remembering last year's trend of wearing bras with spikes and nothing on top, I said fuck it!
For make up I used my new green eyeliner, which I'm going to write about in my February favorites soon so stay tuned!

Do you like this outfit? Let me know what are your favorite shopping places! Do you assume fetal position when you see an expensive price tag like me? Tell me I'm not the only one!

Sweater - H&M (second hand), Skirt and bag - second hand, Rings - Choies, Quartz necklace - DIY.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Wear A Faux Fur Collar

Lately I've been disturbingly obsessed with faux fur! Aside from glancing maniacally towards every shop window scanning for furry things, I've been dragging my new faux fur collar (aka loaf of bread as Jazzy Jack likes to call it :D) everywhere with me. So I decided to make my addiction useful and styled five outfits, one including a live fur collar - my cat! Hope you like them! I even made the text all fluffy...I  need professional help.....


You can never go wrong with the classic denim. From a casual pair of jeans to the more intricate pinafore, denim does wonders combined with a fur collar. For this outfit, I paired my maxi pinafore dress with camel accessories for boldness (note the suitcase!) and layered a simple navy shirt underneath. 

Denim pinafore dress and fur collar - second hand, Chunky Mustard Boots - Choies


This one is easy as pie, although I don't think making a pie is easy at all. Lets say this is easy as boiling an egg, there, that's better! Basically put whatever crap you have in your wardrobe on top of other crap and for the icing add a fur collar. 
For this outfit I used my multicolored kid's dress as a vest and placed it over a casual top, paired my high waist skinny jeans with Chelsea boots and a vintage red purse. The end result was a little meatless, so I added a newsboy cap for flavor.

Chelsea mustard boots - Stradivarius, Dress, cap and bag - Second Hand, High waisted skinny jeans - Just Female (second hand)

Inspired by the 20's 

I know this year's trends are all about the 70's but since Boardwalk Empire came out I have been obsessed with fashion from the 20's. The lustrous art deco pieces, flapper dresses and dazzling mini purses tempt me like donuts tempt Homer Simpson.
For the styling here I used an embellished sheer tank top and a feminine black skirt with sequin details. This would look even better with a classic headpiece, but I didn't have any. :( Anyone care to donate? *wink,wink*

Embellished top and skirt - Indian Point

Girl Scout

Prepare thy doors because girl scout Keit is on the streets selling drugs,..I mean cookies! For this ensemble, I used my cat as the main accessory and layered a white shirt underneath a leather sleeveless dress. The cheeky socks and beret are a great way to add a dash of playfulness.

Leather dress - second hand, Beret - Nowistyle, Shirt - Yoins

Trusty Old Bohemian

My most favorite texture combination is lace and fur. I love the delicate feminine feel of the lace and the cozy comfort of the fur. I didn't want my butt to freeze, I like my butt very much, so I wore skinny jeans underneath the dress. To steer away from boredom, you can play around with jewelry, add a kimono on top or a cozy knit cardigan.

White lace dress - 6ks, Chunky Mustard Boots - Choies, Headband - Choies

Let me know which outfit is your favorite and how would you style a fur collar? 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweatshirt And Lace

Confession time: I'm not good at making sexy faces! Whenever I try to be sexy in front of people (for whatever weird purpose) or in front of the camera, people assume I'm sad, or depressed. They get concerned about my well being and start asking question like "Are you okay?", "Do you need to sit down?", "What's wrong, did something happen?" 

Imagine what a blow to my self esteem this is! I'm doing my best to look like a sexual piece of pie, biting my lips in a suggestive manner or playing with my hair, then all of a sudden someone asks "Are you okay?". Yeah, I'm okay, I'm trying to seduce you, can't you see!? 

How can one be sexy? I tried everything and people still are the slightest turned on by my apparently depressed body language and face. Maybe I just have a weird face, one that can never be sexy, but instead forever cursed to look as if someone died...Boy that's hot!

Fashiony Part!     
Speaking of dying, I love this outfit to death! I was wondering for half an hour how to pair my new teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt and every combination looked worse than the previous one. Have you ever had moments in which you try your best to think of the greatest outfit ever, but with no result? I had this exact moment and was beginning to harbor hate for my new sweatshirt! Why don't you go well with anything you stupid sweatshirt? 

Until I remembered I own this short lace dress, that had the perfect amount of volume to it and made the whole outfit look like an ice cream cone, which was my initial intention too! 
- Gee Keit, how do you want to look today?
- I want to be an ice cream cone!!!

For the shoes I chose my new favorite booties from Choies and paired them with white socks to complement the lace. I was initially thinking of wearing a crazy colored bag, but I liked how this brown leather one looked more proportionate with everything, so I stuck with it.

Let me know do you like the looky and what was your favorite ninja turtle? Mine was Raphael cause he was the bad ass!

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweatshirt - Second Hand, Lace Dress - 6ks, Boots - Choies, Black Cuff Barcelet - Choies, Leather Bag - Second Hand.