Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stylemoi Review + Red Maxi Skirt and Feather Print Muscle Tee Outfit

I came to know Stylemoi through other fashion blogsie friends and I was enamored by their collection of clothing and accessories. Their site is filled with heavenly pieces and a great selection of one of a kind items I've never seen in other online stores. So, naturally, being the greedy bastard I am, I applied for their Blogger collaboration program and was approved a few weeks later. I was jumping from joy that I would not only try out their products, but share my experience with my lovely internet friends. So....first things first... 

First Impressions

Stylemoi takes great care of their customers, with some pretty rad deals, giveaways and discounts. They offer free shipping worldwide and their product selection is phenomenally huge, with prices even a poor jobless couch potato like me can afford. I wanted to try out as many different products as possible, so I picked out a skirt, a tank top, flared pants, a set of rings and a bracelet. I placed my order and buckled up my seat in anticipation. Aaaand here comes the slightly sour part...

As you know I like to make my reviews as honest as possible, without sugarcoating anything, all cards on the table, and it's up to you guys to form your own opinions. Hence, I must mention their customer service was very nice and polite till the end, but the overall lack of communication and understanding of what's going on was lingering like an annoying hipster over a gluten free cake in a vegan cafe. 
I placed my order on the 9th of May, but on the 14th they wrote to me that two of my items were out of stock and to order something else in their place. I placed my new order and asked them to contact me if they have the new items in stock. No one ever wrote back. On the 24th of May I asked them when would my package be shipped, they replied that it was going to be shipped within two days. Great! Buuuuuuut....

On the 30th of May I got another letter that the bracelet was out of stock and to choose another item in its place. I replaced it with a necklace and waited....and waited...and waited...Until I finally caved in and wrote them on the 7th of June what's up with the freaking package. No answer. For a few days, there were practically tumbleweeds in my inbox, until finally on the 16th of June my package was shipped. Upon arriving of my items, I found out the necklace was nowhere to be found and instead I got a set of tattoos in its place.

Now, don't get me wrong, the tattoos are awesome, but I didn't order them. This whole miscommunication was somewhat unsettling. I understand they might have been super busy, dealing with hundreds of other bloggers and didn't have time. I've read other people's reviews and they were extremely positive, so maybe it's just a one time thing. Either way, this is the only negative I have to say about them, everything else was great, and here come the positives!


Upon shipment you receive a tracking number and a website where you can track your parcel. Standard procedure you might say, but you have no idea how many times I've ordered from other websites and the tracking number never works. It either stays stuck at a certain country or it arrives without even as much as a text saying "FUCKING ARRIVED FINALLY!". 
The tracking number from Stylemoi was pure bliss! You can track every movement of your package, wherever it is, at any time! This is the future people!!!
The shipping was very fast as well, took only 10 days to come to my God forsaken country. Hallelujah! 

Products and Packaging 

My items arrived in this very cutesy packaging. I think little details make all the difference, so I found the little stickers on the package to be very adorable and worth mentioning. 

And now for the juicy part - the products! I often fall in love with my clothes, but the stuff from Stylemoi are especially easy to love. All of the items were exquisite, high quality material and design. I kept prancing around the mirror thinking: "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my Gawd!". Especially in love with my first outfit I styled with their items, which is consisted of a breathtaking maxi skirt with side splits, a feather print muscle tee and a set of golden rings. I'll be showing you the second outfit with the flared pants later on the blogsie, so stay tuned! 

I wanted to create a boho - grunge mix so I paired everything with black combat boots and added a snake skin belt for texture. I intentionally left all of my crap at home, didn't even take my bag, since I wanted to convey a free spirited hobo kind of style? That's the truth I'm telling ya, not the fact that I was too lazy to bring anything with me and wanted my hands free to carry as much ice cream as possible, yup!

I also used one of the flash tattoos, and it was easy peasy to apply and lasts for days. Boyfriend said the whole tattoo thing is ridiculous and reminded him of preschoolers, but I only listen to the boyfriend when he has something meaningful to say like: "What shall we eat?" and "Do you want beer?"

The skirt also makes my butt irresistible, no? 


Overall I have mixed feelings for my collaboration with Stylemoi. While the lack of communication was unnerving, the shipping, packaging and items were close to perfection. Perhaps this was a one time only thing, if so, I have to say I really like their services and provided there are no hiccups like the one I experienced, they are a great online store!

Red maxi skirt with side splits - c/o Stylemoi, Feather print muscle tee - c/o Stylemoi, A pack of 6 rings - c/o Stylemoi, Mirror Glasses - H&M, Boots & Belt - Second Hand.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Favorites - The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition & Handmade Jewelry from a very special Lady

And here we have a wild Keit in her natural habitat - sharing her obsessions with passionate drools and borderline madness in her eyes. I'm sorry it has come to this, but I shall stay silent no more! I have been waiting for The Witcher Wild Hunt for 2 years and now that I finally have it in my sweaty hands I had an itch to share it with my most favorite people in the world - my online friends!!! So this monthly favorites post will be slightly different than my usual ones, but if you stay till the end I'll not only bake you a pizza, but I will sprinkle it with a magical ingredient that transforms into a Tom Hardy clone who cooks, does laundry and occasionally gives you cash. Is that a deal or what? Okay so....
Everything started with my absurd luck to be born in Bulgaria. If you are born in Bulgaria you have two options: accept your faith that nothing ever good will come out of this, or try to struggle your way out of it and migrate to Alaska. For now, I have chosen the former and as a result, I was left with no option to preorder my Witcher, since in Bulgaria they only offer the game, not the Collector's edition. Not only that, but the Collector's edition was already sold out almost everywhere in the fucking wold. After much scanning the internet accompanied by heartbroken moans, of the sort of: "Whyyyy is the world so daaaark???" *insert sound of sniffing and crying* I finally found what I wanted, but it was situated in Finland and they didn't have international shipping. Enter Lara

Lara is a fellow blogger with an impeccable fashion sense - mix of vintage and modern pieces, a stunning use of colors and quirky accessories for garnish. Check out her blogsie, it's a must see! I pleaded Lara to order The Witcher for me and ship it my way when it arrives at her door. You might have guessed already, Lara said yes, and thus I got my hands on The Witcher Wild Hunt Collector's Edition this June. And here we have it ladies and gents!

My post office is close, but after I dragged this colossal box thingy home I had muscle strains the next day, so I can only imagine what it must have been for Lara since we're both skinny (and beautiful, duh). Not only did she send this huge thing, but she also included bonus gifts - her handmade jewelry which she sells on her Etsy store. She sent me these radical nerdy brooches and a wine bottle necklace.

I've been thinking of spicing up my outfits with brooches for a long time, but I was too cheap to buy some, so I was super happy when I saw the ones Lara sent. No comment for the wine bottle necklace, you all know I love drinking....nuff said! Check out her store and get your hands on some snazzy jewelry - including awesome sparkly dinosaurs & coffee rings! ^_^
Thank you Lara for everything, I will always appreciate and never forget what you did for me!

And there you have it, my teary story worthy of an Oscar of how I got my Witcher! I hope you're still alive and awake, because it's time to show you the meat and potatoes of my life - The Witcher Collector's edition goodies
First..., what is this Witch...er..? Thingy? The Witcher is a series of fantasy novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski which CD Projekt Red ingeniously decided to make into an RPG game. To become a witcher, you are taken as a child and go through an extensive mental and physical training, including use of high toxic alchemy, which only a handful of children survive through, only to be left sterile in the end. This makes a witcher a powerful mutant who makes his living by killing all kinds of monsters, often saving people's lives but regularly hated by humans because of his mutations (X-men anyone?). The story centers around our main protagonist Geralt of Rivia - the most sexy bad ass witcher alive! And here he is, in all his glory, killing a God damn griffin!

The first mouthwatering piece of the Collector's edition is this hefty statue of Geralt! It's quite big, the craftsmanship is exceptional and even though his face is a little off with a peculiar empty stare, I am absolutely in awe by it!

Moving on, we have a curious cat and a luxurious case which holds more treasures inside! Shall we see what's inside? Do I hear a yes?
- Leave us alone Keit...
I hear a yes! So be it!

Inside we have a luxurious art book, a lavishing CD case, soundtrack and game CD's, as well as the bad ass Witcher wolf medallion. 

There is also a map of the world of the Witcher, which btw is huge, haven't even gone through 10% of it, some Witcher stickers, game manual and a personal note from the developers, I'm going to cryyyyy!

A close up of the art in the art book. This is Triss Merigold a sorceress and my favorite romance of Geralt. There's a lot of sexy times in this game and barely any censorship, just the way I like em!

And to finish this post with a bang, a close up of Geralt's medallion. It's very heavy and the detailings are lady-boner worthy! I'll be posting an outfit with it soon! 

And that's it for today. I hope you guys liked my nerdy June favorites. Also, before I forget from too much excitement, what kind of games do you guys like to play? Have you tried any PC or phone games, or do you like the old traditional ones like Scrabble and Monopoly?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Pirate Obsession Continues - A White loose top & Pearl jewelry outfit

I want to take this blog blank space opportunity and write to you all a thousand thanks for your useful comments on the last post. Basically the whole leave a blog link after a comment is 50:50, some people hate it and some people love it. Your opinions really helped me a lot, thank you guys! ^_^ Maybe it's the beer I just had for lunch, but you make me so happy! 
Okay, that's enough fluffy feelings for today, I don't wanna turn all gay and soft on you, this blog is all about tough love! Ah what the heck, here's a Japanese thank you kitty! (=^.^=) 
I should probably stop now...aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I'm done... Let's talk clothes!

Do you guys remember my obsession with pirates? No? You mean to tell me you don't fall asleep with the thought of me? Really? You don't fall asleep with the thought of this hot piece of meat/for vegetarians - this hot piece of mouthwatering pepper? Now that's just wrong....For those of you who do remember, I may have gone slightly overboard with it. I'm seeing pirate inspired outfits everywhere and this white loose top from Choies is no exception.

I'm currently listening to this song and I was singing it as we took these photos, while the wind was blowing and made me feel epic. As I said, I've gone overboard....... (Bahahah, get it? overboard? Because of the ship.......). This is the first time I don't mind the wind blowing, it added an extra effect, and since we'll probably miss the sea vacation this summer I take whatever I can get.

Seriously though, am I the only one that looks like a smeared fly-thing when the wind is blowing? I can not comprehend how models doing wind photo shoots look so sensual and beautiful with hair flying in a provocative manner and eyes squinting with a passionate spark.
And then we have me, hair flying and making my skull look twice as big as it normally is, clothes getting stuck on all the wrong places and eyes watering from the wind.
Do you guys hate wind photos? Do you look ridiculous in them too? Say yes and save me another night of drinking the despair bottle of tequila. 

Another piratey thing I got my hands on from Choies is this amazing pearl jewelry: a pearl set of bracelet and ring, necklace and a chunky pearl ring with a silver star. I am loving how it looks with the loose top, the gold adds that extra punch and the orange scarf worn as a bracelet tied everything into a neat package.

I recently bought a pair of fancy socks from our local market and couldn't pass up the opportunity to add them into my outfit. Believe it or not, the different color combo was the boyfriend's idea, thank you boyfriend for giving me food and fashion advice, you are God!
Nothing much left to say about this outfit, so I am off to take a much needed shower and finally get my Cat School Witcher Gear for my witcher Geralt. See you soon blogsie humans!

White Loose Blouse - c/o Choies, Golden Pearl and Coin Necklace - c/o Choies, Pearl Ring with star- c/o Choies, Pearl bracelet and ring set - c/o Choies, Floral Printed Denim Shorts - 6ks