Wednesday, December 17, 2014

White Faux Fur Vest

So I have been slowly consumed by the faux fur madness. This is strange and new to me, because I've never been drawn to fur, or animal prints, or even sequins! This blog has ruined me! So, a week ago I succumbed to my new addiction and thrifted this white vest and eeeek, it's so fluffah I'm gonna diiiieee!!!!! But the best thing about it is the "Keep away from fire" printing on the label. 

Have you ever noticed the absence of "Keep away from fire" label and then immediately thought "Man, I should jump into a fire with this"? Me neither! I know printing this on the label is standard procedure, but it always cracks me up. Keeping away from fire is valid for every fucking thing on this planet, either clothes or your ex-boyfriend. It's just common sense!

Anyways, the vest is size L, wraps around the body like a Hugh Jackman, or so I wish, and it's a crispy white color. It's perfect for layering over a coat and I'll be showing various ways to style it in the next "How to Wear..." series. 

I wore this for another visit to the dreadful Mall to buy presents for my sister. For this outfit I wore a simple gray sweater underneath, a thrifted clutch and my Chelsea camel booties. It's pretty basic and boring, but the thought of going through yet another Mall crowd made me homicidal and the least creative.
Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? 

Faux Fur White Vest - Second Hand, Clutch - Bianco Gear (second hand), Chelsea camel booties - Stradivarius. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY: Handmade Christmas Cards

DIY for people with no talent:

   HandmadChristmas Cards!

So, I've been making Christmas cards lately, cause I'm too cheap to buy actual presents for my friends. I figured, while I do these little fuckers, I might as well show a tutorial for everyone who suck at handmade stuff like I do. This tutorial is especially for left-handed people, I know you have a hard time with scissors, bless your souls! I feel your pain! 

I'll show you how to make these two particular cards. I call the first one "The tacky one" & the second one "The Failed Experiment".

What you will need: 
  1. Colored & white cardboard or paper for the cards.
  2. Ribbons or textile for decoration.
  3. Buttons/Gems or some other decorative crap.
  4. Motherfucking scissor!
  5. GLITTER! *_* 
  6. More ribbons!
  7. Glue.

The Failed Experiment

Step one: 
Cut the colored cardboard in the shape you want your card to be in. I stuck with the classic, boring rectangle. Cut another smaller rectangle (preferably white) to glue on top and use as canvas. 

Step two:
Draw the gingerbread man and carefully cut it. I can't draw to save my cat's life, so I used a google image for reference here.

Step three:
Decorate the gingerbread however you wish. I used white paper for the glaze and red for the button hearts.  

Step four: 
Use your ribbons to capture the innocent gingerbread man into a prison of textile! And you're done!

The Tacky One

Step One: same as the previous.

Step Two: 
Use colored paper or cardboard and cut the shape you want your presents to be in. Square is good! 

Step three:
Use ribbons to tie around the presents, make little bows and glue them on top. You can place buttons or gems on top, for a tacky Holiday spirit. 

Step Four: 
If you hate blank space like I do, decorate the hell out of it!!! I used gems here, but you can get creative and use buttons, pine branches, wood. 

Step Five: 
Glue the presents neat and tightly together. If you're feeling adventurous you can also put a fuckton of glitter and voila!

Have you guys ventured into the handmade crafts lately? What are your plans for the Holidays?  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Galaxy Print Tote Bag & Ombre Hair

Not having a life is an enlightening experience. You stay at home talking to your cats, make Christmas cards for your imaginary friends, watch a bunch of shows no one's heard about and later discuss them with the wall...No I'm just messing with you, I have a life, sometimes if I have a good hair day, I go outside so people can bask in my glory!
Since I've got plenty of time, I thought I'd reread and re-watch everything from Carl Sagan, and then reread and re-watch it again. And then reread and re-watch it again. Yes, I'm slightly obsessed. I've been seeing galaxies in the toilet even, so when Choies contacted me to try out their new Pekoe Bag collection, I immediately inhaled and then exhaled a screech of excitement, (which only mating birds can compete with) and got this Galaxy Print tote bag

I haven't been very keen on the Galaxy trend, since it used to be so trendy. Maybe I have hipster blood in my veins, but I steer away whenever something gets too popular. Except if it's something that sparkles, I love sparkles! *_* 
But since this trend has passed, I'm happy to prance around with my new bag. The biggest advantage it has, is the size. Women appreciate big know...of bags! What did you guys think of? You perverts!

I wore this for a coffee break from making Christmas cards for imaginary friends, and went to see the boyfriend at his workplace. Stayed there till I got bored out of my brains, bought a salmon bagel from Dunkin Donuts and went home. It was a good day!
The only thing new here is this sweater I thrifted from's the men's section. Since it was already huge and slouchy I tore the neckline and wore it with a bare shoulder.

Anyone seeing a difference in hair? No one else in real life saw it, so I'm counting on you internet people, you're my last hope! 
The story behind the hair is that I made a new internet friend! She's a gorgeous, alcohol-drinking super model, nerd, embodiment of perfection, fashion icon and lots more, but my vocabulary is too modest to express her awesomeness. She also has a blog, so go check it out now, you won't be sorry! 
So, my new internet bestie gave the suggestion to dye my hair ombre and so I did, and I fucking love it! I'm even prettier than before, if that's even humanly possible, he-he. 

What do you guys think of the Galaxy trend? What do you guys think of my new hair?!?!?!?! *fishing for compliments* 

Pink Aztec Print Jeans - H&M (second hand), Sweater - Second Hand, Galaxy Print Tote Bag - c/o Choies