Thursday, September 18, 2014

Styling Boyfriend Jeans & A Fur Cardigan

I've been re-watching Stargate SG-1 again and I actually forgot how hot Daniel Jackson was! It took me by surprise! Finally a surprise I can deal with, and not those nasty surprises life shoves in your face, before you even have the time to sadly wallow in despair and drama.

Speaking of hotness, I've lately had too many people asking me the silliest question ever: "Keit, how come you have a boyfriend, but you find other men attractive"...My initial reaction is to think they're joking and give a snort sounding exclamation: "Well, I'm not blind ya know?!". But then I realize they really mean it and I have no idea how to reply except the obvious: "Well, maybe because I'm human?"

Who the hell finds only their boyfriend/girlfriend attractive? Who??? Point me one person, and I bet my kidney that he/she probably masturbates to other people's Facebook pictures. 
Isn't it natural to find beautiful men and women to be beautiful, regardless of your relationship status? It's just pointing out the obvious. It's like saying a potato is a potato...Yup...that's a potato alright = Yes, this person here that I see right now in front of me is attractive and I would totally lick them like a delicious ice cube.

But the weirdest conversations I had, are with people who think that having a crush on a celebrity (staring at you Hugh Jackman <3) is equal to cheating. Really now? It's not like I'm going to leave everything behind, go to LA or Sidney or wherever the hell Wolverine is, and make a camp in front of his house, strapping myself around a tree (because the police is already there trying to get rid of me and the tree makes it a bit more difficult) and begging him to marry me. Or do you think that if I have a crush on a celebrity, I'm not capable of loving human beings living near my vicinity and not in the telly? 
Let me know in the comments what is your take on this matter, because sometimes I get really confused by the reasoning here, or in particular, by the lack of it. Would love to hear your voice!

Fashiony Part

I feel like an absolute pimp in this cardigan! Or like Vin Diesel with that fur thingy he wore in xXx! I found this fur cardigan in my favorite online thrift store and immediately bought it. It was a bit pricey for a second hand item, but it looks brand new and it's so fluffy! 

I finally found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, not harem, not oversize, not slouchy, but BOYFRIEND. All thanks to Frontrowshop and these gorgeous denim beauties I snatched from them. 
I used my "wild" imagination and styled the jeans in a cozy manner with gray fluffy socks, a cotton t-shirt, chunky boots and leather backpack. Can't get more pimpy than that!

Boyfriend jeans - c/o Frontrowshop, Cardigan & T-shirt - Remix, Belt & Backpack - Thrifted 

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Week In Photos

This is either a very good idea that you guys will love, or a very bad idea that you will all ignore, but I'll keep posting it, because I don't have a life & I love sharing personal and embarrassing information with the internet!

I feel like this blog needs the "Stalker Seal of Approval" so at first I wanted to make a "My day in photos" post, but then I realized it would include two photos of: me on the couch and me eating ramen, so my backup plan was to share with the lovely reader - burritos my week! I know you're supposed to share 7 photos from 7 days, but I got excited and just kept photographing everything. Sorry, not sorry! I started photographing on Wednesday, so it's basically a half week in photos.

1. Morning routine: checking out my favorite blogs and drinking coffee from a broken cup. If you have a blog, there's a 100% chance an uncombed Keit with creased granny pajamas is looking at you right this very moment... Just let that mental image sink in. 

2. A wild package has arrived! I'm prepping for Winter and ordered a Vero Moda jacket from an online second hand store.

3. Presenting the jacket. My biggest problem during Winter is that I wear ugly coats. I look like a pumpkin in most parkas or a sack of potatoes in most coats. I have a tiny head with thin hair and I've come to the realization that winter clothes suit people with bouncy hair...So I am desperately trying to find a jacket that I look cool in, I think this Vero Moda one is TEH ONE!  It's a bit huge, but who the hell cares, when you have to endure a -345985489 degrees cold! 

4. Pile of laundry, that has been lying judgmentally on the sofa for days.....

5. Finally arranged it!

6. Did some grocery shopping...I hate grocery shopping...There are too many people there!

5. Went for a beer with the boyfriend's colleagues and boss.

6.  Going to bed. Got a new electric brush & I'm making a happy crazy face! Never has a toothbrush been the reason for my happiness...until now! Get a load of those creased granny pajamas, I know you can't resist!

7.  Got a shot of the big cat Muffin, hindering my attempts to read from the tablet. She wants everyone to pay attention to her fuzzy ass and nothing else.  

8.  All that ramen was making me feel guilty I haven't cooked anything in days, so I made chicken with potatooooes.

9. Story behind this image is like a sitcom scenario. I was riding my bike and I passed a tree, when an apple fell from the tree right into my front basket. I take this as a sign from the Universe trying to make me eat healthy. Nice try Universe, not gonna work though!

10. As you know, I'm addicted to bright shiny objects, so a friend bought me this glowing ball thingy. It changes colors in the most hypnotizing way *_*

11. Found an Ikea catalog in front our door. Can't afford anything from it, but I like to look at all the pretty pictures!

12. And finally, ending this post with a shot of a sour cherry liquor mom sent me last night.

I would very much appreciate any feedback on this, it's a new thingy and I won't continue doing it unless you guys enjoy it. Or maybe I will... O_O Either way, feel free to share your opinion!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bell Bottom Gypsy Pants & Spam

Oh what a glorious Wednesday morning it is! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining through my dirty windows, for the first time in days my coffee cup doesn't have cat hairs and lipstick on it, (because I finally washed it) and those Penis Enlargement spams are still pilling in my inbox. Indeed, a glorious midweek morning!
Speaking of....penis...enlargement... I think the internet may be trying to tell me something. Maybe I need a bigger junk, who knows, I never gave it much thought. I really hope Google won't decide the word "penis" is relevant to my blog...Then again, if it does, I BROUGHT THIS ON MYSELF!

Any who, I think those spams are getting more creative and imaginative by the day. Just recently I received an e-mail with the catchy title: "Katerina, blow her away with your gigantic weapon!". In my day, we just received a standard "Wanna big penis" message and that was that! Yesterday I got one involving ships and the sort, but I forgot what it was, I have to start writing them down. 
Anyone else receiving these? 

Fashiony Part.

You asked for an outfit with the gypsy pants and I deliver! I don't know how a brain aneurysm feels, but I think I'm pretty close, after trying to figure out how to style these weird excuses for pants. The warm weather isn't helping me either. Go away Sun, I hate you! You make me go outside and I don't like going outside, the fresh air makes me anxious.

Nothing much to say about this outfit, except that  I was drunk when we took these photos.
The cropped top is part of this dress, the necklace is handmade, but I forgot where I got it from and the leather backpack is a thrift find you guys already heard about a thousand times!

Do you like? How would you style these panties?