Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Basics Haul - Investing In a Basic Wardrobe

So, recently I've been having a lot of free time, which is like winning the lottery when you're 28. There is so much stuff to do, like doing the laundry, washing dishies, cleaning out doge's crap,  preparing food, fixing the pipes. Nah, I'm just kidding for the last one, we currently have two clogged pipes and the drain looks like a puddle of  soap and despair, and yet, here I am showing you my  new clothes. How's that for procrastination? If somebody can top that, be my guest!

Anyways, as you read in my recent post, I've been trying to change my style, mainly because I do not like it anymore. It is too chaotic and I happen to know why. I have been, for as long as I can remember, steering away from basic clothing like you steer away from a questionable veneric disease. When you open my wardrobe it's like an episode from Frikazoid and CSI, each piece of clothing represents a rainbow and when you combine them together you basically get a vomit of rainbows, if that makes any sense.... 
So recently, I have been on the hunt for basic clothing, and I managed to get my hands on some pretty good deals from second hand shops and the sale from Zara, so without further ado....

The idea of basic clothing is that you have a foundation from where you can build up and layer. If you go all basic, you can never go wrong and if you happen to mix it up with something more unconventional you have your game on. 
I started my hunt for some basic pieces few weeks ago and it's been going not very well. I am pro when it comes to chaos and color, but I also tend to get confused and mix what is basic, what is eccentric, what is just not appropriate at all...I am slowly learning and this post is my first baby step, so be gentle!

The Beige Soft Turtleneck Sweater

I find this sweater super versatile and perfect if you are feeling somewhat blue and don't wanna dress up, but you still don't wanna look like the unkempt sponge you are! 
I love styling this, because once you put it on, a comfortable feeling sets in and how you feel transpires in your body language and mood, which coincidentally transpires into how you look and how people perceive you.
You can wear  this sweater with slim fitted jeans, a blazer or you can go all wild and pair it with a tutu skirt, it's still going to look structured and well putted together.

What I call "The Life Saver"

The life savor is an extremely simple striped blouse which I have been wearing almost every day. I tend to layer it under dresses, or layer on top with funky cardigans. Not to mention that you can wear this under a sweater to banish the cold demons and yes, my dog is basically in every photo, I know, and just like a good obedient customer support representative, I sincerely apologize.  

Denim Dress

I swear to baby Jesus every lady should have a denim dress! I wear this so often even if I paid a 100 bucks for it, it would pay off. You can style it with cardigans, with a skirt, chunky jewelry, snake print knee high booties and in my case, knee high Converse sneakers.
 The Tank Top

 I have never loved tank tops and I probably never would if my friend didn't gift me this top last year. It's one of those pieces that are essential to any wardrobe, especially looks cute with a transparent white shirt underneath and bonus point for keeping you warm.. You can always wear it stand alone as well, because it's not exactly an undergarment. I usually style it underneath other layers, like in this case, the denim dress.

The Bra and The Blazer

Just like the denim dress, I think the blazer is another chameleon piece that can be styled in numerous ways and should be present in every lady's wardrobe. On any occasion you can layer it on top of a beautiful silk dress, or tone it down with some sneakers!

 White Turtleneck Sweater

Lately I have been trying to look out for more sweaters that have a neutral color like, black, gray, brown, all these make for a great base to layer on top or in my case here,  keep the basic look on with black boots and leather backpack.

White Chunky Sweater

Just like the turtleneck, a white casual sweater is all you need for a lazy day or a special date. I chose to buy this one since I didn't want to go all basic with it and I liked the ruffled accent on the top. 
Pencil Brown Skirt

After a whole lot of wearing yellow and pink, I have a new found love for brown. The skirt is the perfect addition to any casual outfit, but you can also dress it up with a cropped top or sequins and I love the huge brown belt that came with it. I am planning on wearing the belt on my waist and tucking in some oversize pieces I have.

A Coat In Neutral Color

I thrifted this coat few days ago and I have been wearing it like second skin. You probably saw it on my Instagram already, but I wanted to showcase it here as well, since  it is soft, fluffy and the perfect milky white color. A colleague of mine told me jokingly that it looks like I snatched my Grandma's carpet, which kind of made me wanna strangle her with it, but never mind that.
I know the Teddy coat is not the most basic pieces of them all, but it still classifies as the most basic coat in my wardrobe!

So what do you guys think, do you invest in the basics, or do you always go for the shiny thing that catches your eyes?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

PPZ Blue Lace Push Up Bra Review

As you ladies already probably know, I am not the busty kind of gal. I have come to terms with what nature has given me, although I must admit, nature has been really stingy when it came to giving me boobies. On the upside I can wear whatever I want with no bra and no one would notice, on the downside I can wear whatever I want with no bra and no one would notice...... 

Because of this, I've always struggled to find a bra that will fit, let alone look good. I once even tried getting one of those teddy onesies, but when I tried them on I looked like a pickle wrapped in lace, not the most sexy thing in the world. 
So, when I was contacted by PPZ to do a photo shoot with one of their lingerie pieces, I was not only skeptical that anything would fit, but I was 100% sure we will have pickle action again.

PPZ are a brand that specialized in lingerie, shape wear and yoga wear, and their website always offers big discounts, which is what actually draw me the most. I have this firm notion that spending a lot of money on underwear that makes you look like a pickle, is not a good investment. Hence my underwear,(if you have ever wondered) consists of 2 washed out bras which are breaking at the seams and one bra with Snoopy which I kept, if a chance comes up to seduce a man who's into The Peanuts series.....

So, with a heavy heart, I decided to try out PPZ's push up demi bra, and hope for the best!

The shipping took around one month to Bulgaria, which gave me some time to read some good books, reconsider my life choices, watch a whole TV series and dye  my hair blonde. The bra came around Valentine's day though, so kudos for timing!

Immediately after trying it on though, you already feel transformed into a Victoria's Secret model. The subtle little rhinestones glistening in the dark blue lace, and not to mention I have boobs....Yes, males who read this, this is what we women do, eeeeeeeeevil I tell ya!

At first it felt a little uncomfortable since I haven't worn a demi bra ever, but after a few hours the comfy feeling sinks in and it's like you're not wearing a bra....Do I hear Mel Gibson's scream in Brave Heart? FREEEEEDOOOOOM!

Overall I am very happy with the quality and style of this push up bra and I am thinking of wearing it underneath some transparent tops I have. The size matches perfectly, you have the needed support, it is comfortable and beautiful, so I would definitely recommend.

I also recently watched a Vlog where the lady was talking that having a good and well fitted bra is the foundation for your outfit. Once you have your essentials sorted, it will transpire in your upper garments as well. And after trying out this bra, I finally realize what she was saying. Wearing this makes my outfits more structured and gives a confidence boost.

So, what do you guys think, are you willing to spend some good money on quality undergarments or you would rather spend them on something more important?

Lace Push up Demi Bra - PPZ

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wearing Sequins to Work

Well, 14th of February is upon us and I already feel the pressure people are in, to be romantically involved and penetrated on this blissful day. I have, for as long as I can remember, despised this day mainly because in my teenage years I was always alone. At that time, we ddidn't have Lana Del Rey, so we had to sulk while listening to crappy rock songs from the 90-ties and munching on everything that has an ingridience table which might kill you just by looking at it.

I decided to steer away from Valentine's day today and focus on the more important things in life - moneyzzz, cause who needs love when you've got money!
The pay day finally came and with it, my compulsive shopping as well. I am already googling how much my kidney would cost on the black market. Maybe I should stop buying crap I don't need and focus on minimalism. Minimal food, minimal  clothes, minimal heat, minimal oxygen and after that I can cut my throat minimalistically with a minimal razor-blade....

Pink sequin skirt - H&M, Red patent boots - Zara
Despite me being broke my whole life, because I buy unicorn sweaters and sequin boots, I am still from the working class and I still spend my day mainly at the office. I even sit close to a window where I can happily see the sun go down, enveloping the room in darkness and screams of angry people shouting at other angry people, who keep turning on and off the artificial lightning!

Since I love wearing sequins and since I spend my day at the office I couldn't stay away from them even on a casual Monday-Friday week, so I decided to show you three outfits I styled for work with sequins which can be worn without having to explain to the security guy you shine bright like a diamond because a crazy girl? on her blog told you to.

When wearing sequins at the workplace we need to acknowledge three main things: 
1. Go knee low
2. Keep it clean
3. Use denim

When it comes to sequin dresses or skirts at the office it is best to keep the length below the knee, since showing off too much bare skin with sequins can be often regarded as a bad move. You can however turn this into an advantage if you use thick black tights underneath or even over the knee high boots, just remember to keep those sexy legs covered.
For the first look I opted for my pink sequin skirt I bought from a sale last year from H&M. The idea here was to keep everything else clean and not too overloaded with stuff, so I also wore a black knit sweater and my warm winter boots for coziness and finished the outfit with a light  blue fitted jacket. You can always use a plaid top, a casual crispy white shirt with a cardigan, heavy sweaters and so on, to tone down your sequins.

For the second and third outfits I used my new Zara shoes you probably already saw on Instagram,  and I styled them two very different ways.
For the first look I used denim to tone the shoes down and for the upper part of the body I chose a blue puffer jacket again from Zara, just to make the outfit even more laid back.

Denim Jeans - Second hand, Sequin shoes  and Puffer jacket from Zara

I wore a black nerdy t-shirt underneath with Iron Man and let me tell you, graphic tees are an awesome addition  to any sequin piece, but what gets the job done is actually the denim jeans. They incorporate this chill vibe even if you are wearing shoes dashed with plasters of sequins, so if you want to play it safe, use denim for starters. Denim button down shirts can do magic to any sequin outfit. 

For the last outfit I kept it as businessy as possible and suited up with a blazer. I have a feeling that if you give me a hot dog costume and a blazer, I can still look like a sophisticated hot dog. Think of blazers as toast and all the other pieces as just mere additions to your delicious fundamental bread.

Striped blazer - Zara, Knit turtleneck sweater - Second Hand
I kept it very casual and paired the blazer with a second hand white knit turtleneck and black pants with red tights underneath, because it was freaking cold.

If you are feeling self conscious wearing sequins precisely on that day you were going to have a round table with management, then fear not! Just pair those bad boys with a blazer and move on with your life.

What do you guys think, are sequins okay for work? Would you wear something sparkly in the office?