Friday, June 7, 2013

My feeble attempts to look grunge

Hey guys, long post coming up, I'm very sorry!

But first, check out the new ins:

Cropped sweater- 4$

Oversize denim jacket- 2.66$

Plaid skirt- 2.65$

I think I'm entering a midlife style crisis. I don't even have a particular style, it's just a mix of stuff...Whenever someone asks me what my style is, I feel a sudden urge to slap them in the face and run.
My closet has become a stew of floral, and neon, plaid and leather, and baggy and tight, girly, and androgyny and Oh My God, even those Mango high heeled shoes I bought, because I had a tooth ache and walking around in high heels seemed less painful than pulling out my tooth.

I've always been a fierce protector of diversity and I think labeling something immediately devalues it. To put a label on someone is like sealing him in a convenient package, with a paper sticker glued on, with words like : "Goth, Hippie, Boho, Casual" and shoving it down society's throat.
I understand that we need categories and labels so we can make sense of our world, so we can organize and control our reality, but I find it too limiting and demanding.

This is why, with a bit of resentment I must confess that I've decided to change my style completely, and try to incorporate a more grunge sense to it. I say, with a bit of resentment, because the mere word "grunge" makes me twitch.  Because what the fuck is grunge exactly?
What if I wear something that is not grunge, but by labeling it grunge, it becomes just that. And what if I start defining my style as grunge and people start talking bullshit like: "That's not grunge, you're' so commercial!". 

But I've made my decision and despite what others say, I'll be pushing my style towards a more grunge feeling and I know it's going to be a slow transition, and I'm gonna suck at it. But nevertheless, bare with me :D

How do you guys define your style? Do you like it? Have you ever wished to change it?

Fashiony part: Shirt- H&M, skirt- second hand,  tote bag- Nowistyle, denim jacket- second hand (John Baner)


  1. I was a teenager in the 90s so the grunge look will always have my heart. And you definitely do it justice m'dear xo

  2. Hmm actually I'm labeling your style as Keit from beautyforinsanity's style(as I'm too lazy to google the difference among boho, grunge, etc)
    Love ur plaid skirt

  3. my closet is a mix of styles too! a total mess

  4. I love this look! I'm sort of having a bit of a style crises too. You can't go wrong with grunge though!

  5. Whenever someone asks me what my style is, I feel a sudden urge to slap them in the face and run. - I'm still laughing :))) I feel the same way!
    I love your look and your hair <3

  6. Really enjoyed this post! I don't stick to one particular "style" or "label" but like to try out different looks depending on my mood and the occasion!

    Fiona xo

  7. Looks so cool together, my dear.

    Have a Lovely Weekend,


  8. I've always gotta kind of a grunge vibe from you. You even manage to make really feminine pieces do that. But hey, you don't need to try to fit in any categories, 'cause I think you've already got a style going on!! We are our own worst critics.

    In terms of style I have no idea what I'm doing with mine. Half the time I feel like a classy English teacher, half the time I feel like a fairy princess, and then sometimes I want studs and all black... I'm confusing (sobs)

    That skirt is seriously amazing, aughhh!! I'm obsessed with plaid skirts. Must be the English teacher style side of me hahaha

  9. На кой му е нужен единствен определен стил като много по-интересно и вълнуващо да се променяш всеки ден :) А ти както и да се облечеш винаги изглеждаш страхотно :)


  10. amazing jacket and crop knit ! love them

    stay tuned for tomorrow's post on my blog


  11. I totally dig your style,dunno what to name it..Same here in my case...We just LOVE clothes(I guess) & experimenting or say mixing it all up gives us a high* nod in agreement please...praying*...You are doing GREAT!
    I would rock your outfit in a heartbeat.

  12. Here is another one who doesn't like to label style (or things in general). You look awesome, here you would never find that cool 2ndhand stuff for those prices O_O

  13. The plaid skirt! So totally cool so totally you! And the prices are amazing!! You rock any look effortlessly Keit! Keep it up!I've a persunmall giveaway in my blog! I'd love it if you enter!

    Nyt from BIG hair LOUD mouth

  14. I never dare to label my style cause I'm deathly afraid of being put into a box. XD

    love the look, by the way. The plaid suits you perfectly.


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  16. I'm glad you have an exciting goal ahead of you ;) and to be honest I don't believe you will suck. you will definitely rock, believe me!
    when it comes to my style I don't define it at all. I wear absolutely everything and every style I like. versatility is my favourite style. and I think girls shouldn't worry about style at all because really, it's not important, it's not life, it's just a hobby or something easy like that :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  17. the skirt is really cool! Im looking for something similar! :)

  18. Hey, awesome it!
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  19. You have such a unique style! LOVES it!

  20. love the plaid! and I think it's perfectly normal not to have a style, honestly if someone was to tell me to describe my style I wouldn't know what to say either, yet I gravitate towards similar things all the time when I shop, So I think someone's style can't be that easily defined in a few words? and you know what they shouldn't be if they have an interesting style!! :)

  21. "Whenever someone asks me what my style is, I feel a sudden urge to slap them in the face and run." - това ме разби!

    Много ми харесва как изглеждаш, особено полата. Относно гръндж стила (ако въобще има нещо такова, защото всъщност гръндж означава да не ти пука много как изглеждаш) - обувките ти са точното попълнение.

  22. This is grunge perfection, love your skirt and jacket! I feel the exact same way when someone asks me to define my style! Like if I call it one thing, it has to stay that one thing. Way too limiting. If you don't label it, it can be anything.

  23. I think you pull off the early 90's grunge look really well. Effortlessly, actually. You make it look sexy, too! :DDD

    - Anna

  24. Аааа, Кейт! Много дънкови якета имаш. Ще ти открадна едно! :D :P


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