Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happiness Boutique Review And A Unicorn Outfit

What is happiness? Before someone rolls their eyes from this used and worn out banal question, have some beer and shut up! For me, happiness is one of those rare unicorn thingies you get a hold on when you least expect it. You're minding your business, doing something completely retarded like setting aside the last potato chip, perfectly aware you're never going to eat it when it gets cold, or watching Ice Road Truckers on History channel and doubting the world's sanity, and then you see it - a glossy white stallion with a thingamajig on its head - and of course you don't have a camera with you to capture the moment, and if you do, your hands are all shaky and you end up with a blurred shady photo, Big Foot style. Where was I? Oh yeah, got a bit carried away with the metaphors, my point is, happiness is often found in the most mundane and trivial.  

I find happiness in the way my cat falls from the sofa because she's too stupid to balance her fat carcass (I'm evil, I know). I find happiness when I'm too lazy to get up and plead my boyfriend to bring me ice cream and he brings not just ice cream, but nachos and bonus tissues, because I eat like a pig. I find happiness when I come home, after I've spent 3 hours at the dentist suffering excruciating pain, and knowing that I'll procrastinate my next visit for at least an year and I've got one year free of pain! I find happiness in pink colors and how they make me look quite handsome. I find happiness in how glitter is so shiny. In two words - I find happiness in the stupidest things...
But sometimes, I find happiness in knowing that there are people in this world who devote their life to making others happy. And this challenging task is what Happiness Boutique is setting out to achieve.

First Impressions

Situated in Berlin and specializing in selling heavenly statement pieces of jewelry, as well as clothing and accessories, Happiness Boutique is a brand with a purpose. If you read their about me page, you'll find out not just your typical commercialized company, but someone with heart, someone who's determination is not only making women feel beautiful, but making them feel good and happy as well.
For my three years of blogging, I rarely come across such a devoted brand, one that is far from the cookie - cutter model and one that carries the character of old school brick and mortar stores, so I was overjoyed when they contacted me to try out their products and share my opinions on the blogsie! While I was quite tempted by their ravishing statement necklaces, choosing one was as easy as breaking your diet! As soon as I saw this art deco beauty, I knew it was my type of bling! 


The necklace came in a charming white box you can see on the previous photos, but what impressed me most are the little quirky notes that were added in the package - a lovely quote on happiness, grandma's tips on jewelry care, (which by itself is enough to make you love these guys forever) and a cute personal handwritten card. 

Photos don't this gorgeous necklace justice, because the gems actually sparkle so much I felt like a royalty. It's thick, heavy, shiny, pure quality!

Shipping & Spicy Deals

My package arrived for less than a week and they offer Free Worldwide Shipping as well, so don't get all teary eyed if you're not a European resident.
The brand also has a very appetizing Customer Reward Program with the help of which you can get your hands on some pretty snazzy goodies without spending a penny. Just check out their adorable video for more details!

Overall my experience with Happiness Boutique was 10/10. I am delighted to have found a brand that pays great attention to detail and has such a kind customer service. Have a little walk around their website, you're bound to get addicted by their happy approach and treat yourself to a feast of exquisite merchandise!

Now for a little outfit talk! I styled my new art deco necklace with my now favorite second hand tank top. I don't use metaphors lightly, when I say unicorns I mean it! I bought this at the Second edition of Culture Beat Bazaar, which I'm going to write about soon, and it's one of those timeless pieces you know you're going to wear till it disintegrates!

I don't believe in the whole "less is more" concept, in fact I am an appreciator of "more is more", so I wanted to style the necklace with a bang - lots of colors, shine and an overall gingerbread-type of decoration. I layered a red slip dress underneath the tank top, mixed in a leather backpack and added hologram biker boots for a screaming finish. For makeup, I went with a red lip and a glitter emerald lash liner for the eyes.

What do you guys think of Happiness Boutique? Have you tried out their products? 

Unicorn Fringe Top - Topshop (second hand), Red Slip Dress & Backpack - Second Hand, Hologram Boots - Fashion Thirsty, Art Deco Necklace - c/o Happiness Boutique


  1. More, more, more! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  2. No, I haven't tried out their products yet but I must say I'm tempted. That necklace along is enough to make anyone believe in unicorns and magical things,...and pairing it with an actual unicorn tee was ingenious. I love this necklace...I'm an advocate of more is more and the necklace I make are usually over the top.

    I love how you styled this look and bonus points for the red lip and glitter eyeliner!

  3. Whoa, this outfit is awesome. That necklace + unicorns is almost too much to handle :P

  4. You have such a lovely bf lucky you! Love the necklace and the idea of this company, need to check them out
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  5. I tend to also be a pretty big fan of the "more is more" look--although the heat and humidity of the tropics makes me feel that layers and accessorizing is sometimes impossible. Love those shoes of yours--quirky shoes are pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

  6. That fringe top is super gorgeous. You're right about happiness sneaking up on you from simple mundane stuff. Fab necklace, a great thing they ship worldwide as that's usually my biggest gripe with these companies.

  7. ohhh I love what I see! And I love your text!
    So beautiful how you mix the fringe shirt with your skirt! Love all these small details in your outfit- the unicorn print, shoes, fringe <3 mhhh I remember my latest happy moment -- last night, a hot summer night, I was with friends the whole night, came home in the early morning and watched the sunrise with a fresh coffee at my window. This little moment, the sunrise, coffee, peace.. made me so happy somehow!

  8. This is one of your best outfits! I love this and that top with the fringe is so awesome I am now thinking about how I can make something like that. The big sparkly bling is just perfect with this look too. xoxo

  9. I laughed at what your cat does. Ugh I really want a cat but my roomie and I can't take care of it sadly :((( I feel it man about happiness. After working everyday i discovered how happy I feel to sit n do nothing and be a potato. lol.

    I love the fringe girl!!! I feel like you are one of the few people that can rock it :)

  10. That necklace is stunning! I know that'd make me happy for sure haha, perfect summer statement piece.
    As is your fringed, magical unicorn shirt *_* Hehe, very nice!

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  11. Reading your post makes me smile & your photos make me happy.Such amazing colors.Pink suits you beautifully Keit.
    Also the necklace looks dandy.

  12. Love your style because it's are unique! Will go check out the Happiness Boutique, thank you for sharing! And it's true, it's the little things that lead to happiness :))

  13. Totally cool! Love the tee, so perfect!
    I love the necklace too, I have a similar one :)

  14. I love your metaphors, Keit. I feel like you and I both get extremely carried away with them and that it connects us in a sense. And I could turn that into a metaphor but I'll spare you. Anyway, ghostly white horse with a thingymajig is totally my new favorite phrase for a unicorn. You have such a way with words! (insert sparkly anime eyes here)

    I looooooove the fringe! You can always smash the best things together. Like, I would never guess holographic and unicorn could be married so well. BUT HERE YOU ARE, BEING A HOLOGRAPHIC, FRINGY, BADASS UNICORN LADY. WOO!

  15. This unicorn top is made of win. Kinda reminds me of one of RuPaul's outfits in the latest Drag Race season, which is always a good thing! And that necklace! I love everything art deco (even though I myself don't wear such things).

  16. This outfit fits you beautifully. One of my favs this season. I also collaborated with Happiness boutique and loved their products! Lots of love dear

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST

    XoXo Venoma
    Fashion Blog Serbia

  17. This is SO you (and I say that knowing that there are many different sides of you). ;) You carry the outfit incredibly well. I guess that's what I mean. It's like it was made just for you. :3 Also, I really really really really really want your bag.

    - Anna

  18. This outfit! The photos! You picked the perfect spot to shoot them, too. You always look so gorgeous in fuchsia and purple.


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