Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hot Pink Dress and Mustard Jacket

Good morning fellow humans! I woke up at 7 am today, which is highly suspicious. I start home office at 9, so I had two hours to contemplate life in my bed, while fighting with doge on who gets the good pillow. 

After drinking two shots of coffee I thought I'd share an outfit I wore on Saturday where I finally got to sit at restaurant, eat as much garlic as I want and limit my chances of making new friendships in the elevator. 

The pink tulle dress and mustard jacket are ONCE AGAIN from Remix. I really have to stop visiting this website, because I keep using my credit card there and when I checked my balance today I swear my laptop made a judgmental noise. Bruh, how can someone see these two and go on with their day without thinking about all the pretty combinations!!!!

My bank balance is sad and even worse, I bought 1 GME stonk on March and this sucker just keeps plummeting down. I ain't gonna sell though, I like to believe I am part of a community that has no knowledge or experience in finance and yet keeps making the headlines. Ganbatte yoooo! ^_^ 

I'm very happy that young people are drawing colorful graffiti and not just "Your football team sucks, I hope you get cancer!"
Colorful graffiti make for pretty pictures, yes, Keiti likes. 

How is your week so far guys? Let me know in the comments, I crave social interactions!!!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Tiger Head Backpack and Flame Printed T-shirt Outfit of the Day

It's Friiiiday my duudes!!!!!!! God bless this wonderful day! This week has been so boring I can't wait for the Weekend to be somewhat less boring. I am planning to finally plant my Christmas tree, to cook and play Days Gone on the PS4. 

We finally have decent weather and yesterday was paydaaaaay, so I bought some goodies from Remix which I will feature soon.

I have also been trying to quit smoking, which is like quitting breathing. I'm so used to poisoning myself my body is like "Hey, why aren't you killing me slowly? I thought we had a deal!? You traitor!".

It's okay body, the junk food and beer with do that instead. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Today's outfit is one of my favorites, because it features two favorite current wardrobe items. My flame printed t-shirt from Bershka and my Tiger head backpack. I once wore this with an ex-boyfriend of mine and he told me he was embarrassed of me. Well, little kids love this backpack and grown ups always smile when they see it, so you can remove that carrot from up your ass Brian and live a little!

I have this tiny touristy iron my mom got me, which I think it's from the time irons were invented. It basically doesn't do anything except burn holes into my clothes, so I couldn't risk it with the maxi skirt. 
The company I work for provides vouchers, with which, and I can't believe I'm saying that, I plan to buy a decent iron. 
Have your ever been paid in vouchers and then you think, these aren't real money and you spend them on stupid shit? 
Fancy, overpriced balsamico I will never use? Get in the basket! Cute stuffed animal I'm too old to find cute? You're mine now! What is this, a spork with SpongeBob on it? Don't mind if I do!  

I never buy what I need, cause they're not real money right? So I buy what I would never use and after two weeks forget I even have it. I even bought a wok, because Uncle Roger said it was awesome, but you know what? It's awesome if you use fire, when it's a small electric stove, it's just basically a huge pan. -_-

Anyways, I'm going to leave the internet for a while, so I can nap a little, wake up at 22, go to bed again and wakeup at 12 pm tomorrow.  I love Fridaaaaaaays! 
Btw, pretend you can't see the trashcan behind me. Shhh, no one has to know...

Flame printed t-shirt - Bershka, Blue Maxi Skirt - Second hand, Tiger Head Backpack - Banggood