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I'm Desperate - A Novel...

It turns out that renting an apartment while owning a dog is as impossible, as eating just ONE slice of pizza. Serial killers have more advantage than me if they want to rent out a home. Heads in the freezer? No problem! But do you have a dog though?  Here is yesterday's conversation with a real estate agent: - Hello, I see that this apartment is listed as pet friendly, so they wouldn't mind a small puppy? - Oh no, we meant cats. - Oh... - But we have this other perfect condo, waaay over your budget and the location is as far away from civilization as possible.  😙 😙 😙 I am officially desperate for a normal apartment and what I do best in these emotional states is rant on the blog. As I type this, it's currently 11:52 am, I'm drinking coffee in my boyfriend's sweatpants,  in my bed, because it's not officially noon, okay?  Today on the blogsie I am sharing a 90's inspired outfit with a thrifted neon jacket and my old gray turtleneck dress that has a dark s

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