Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eyelash Jumper - The Most Least Pleasant Name for a Jumper EVER!

Ladies and gentlemen...I went outside! It was cold, gray and yet, full of people. My complaining radar was tingling, but I had to buy a survival kit and other crap so going out was inevitable. What I'm showcasing here is my new eyelash jumper, bought from a Bulgarian second hand store, but actually from Select
I didn't know these jumpers were called eyelash jumpers. I thought they would be named something more cute and special. I googled "fuzzy sweaters" to check if mine was in fact that, but it turns out it's an eyelash sweater...Talk about a turn of events!

Regardless of the name I love it and want to hug myself all the time. It's warm, soft, fluffy and so adorable with the pink heart shapes that I feel like a princess from a moderately aristocratic bloodline. 
As you can see, I'm still experimenting with layering. I think my layering dumbs down to "just put something underneath the sweater and you're gold!". And so I do. This lace orange tunic is another second hand find, which I bought for the purpose of layering and sometimes to be worn on its own, as it outlines my boobs quite nicely!

Another new thingy I'm sporting here is the metallic leaf headband from Choies.The headband is gorgeous itself, but sadly, not meant for tiny heads. If you have a tiny head, you may have to tie it in a knot to make it shorter, but other than that it's a great accessory and I personally think it's perfect for any upcoming Christmas party! *_* Yes I said it...the word...CHRISTMAS!

That's it for today! Let me know do you like the eyelash fabric? Do you like the name? O_o

Tunic and Eyelash Jumper - Remix, (you can buy a similar jumper from Select), Metallic leaf headband - c/o Choies


  1. Love this colour combo but you're right the name: not so much. Fuzzy sweater would be much better eyelash just makes me feel like it would be itchy.
    You have a fabulous smile on these photos! Awesome.

  2. I didn't realize these sweaters were called that either! I always just called them fuzzy sweaters. I had a purple one back in 5th grade many moons ago. I love this pink heart one you're wearing though. It's so cute!

    Jamie |

  3. So, when you say eyelash jumper, the first thing that comes to mind is the sweater SpongeBob knits out of his eyelashes or Squidward. (Oh, I feel so much shame, I need to start watching some grown up stuff...) However, your sweater looks quite a bit cuter! And wooooow, your hair! It's getting so long and it's so pretty looking, I feel like you're my Hair God or something, every time I look a your pictures I'm like, "I want her hair." I promise, I'm not creepy, you just have Such pretty hair!

  4. хахахах всичко е страхотно обяснено и страшно забавно написано, както винаги! Постовете ти винаги успяват да ме развеселят! Изглеждаш страхотно (колкото и тъпо да звучи името на пуловера! Аз също не знаех, че се казват така :D)

  5. I had no idea that's what they were called either! Bad name aside this is gorgeous - love the colours and the cozy texture x

  6. I call that a muppet jumper! Eyelash is just weird. Who has eyelashes all over? I love how you put orange pink and red together without any need to justify yourself to the fashion gods. Cute headband! xo JJ

  7. What?? Eyelash sweater??
    My life is a lie.
    I've been calling them fuzzy sweaters this whole time...

    Welp, anyway, I do know these types of sweaters, as I eyeball them, hug them, and obsess over them everytime I'm near one - and yet I have yet to find one that suits me.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Mmmmm, I just imagine if you rub yourself against someone while wearing this sweater, eyes would come out and start blinking rapidly against the person. Noice. You're actually just wearing a bunch of eyelashes that hide little eyeballs underneath... there's a thought. ;)

    I'V EMISSED YOU LADY! I think I'm back in the blog world now. All that art drowned me, but I have a moment of respite... for now!

  9. It's a weird name, but I love the color of the sweater and it looks realllly cozy. <3 I need a burgundy sweater! >_< Beautiful, unexpected color pairing with the coral, too!

    - Anna

  10. This is the most adorable look I've ever seen :D The hair, the clothes and just all! Oh myyyyy :DDDD

  11. I've always found the name really odd too, Keit! But like burgundy becoming oxblood a couple of years ago, it will be a faze I'm sure...!! But how you've styled it is bloomin' brilliant - from all the gorgeous colours to the addition of mannish black boots, I love it all. Oh and I have a small head as well... hats often flop off my head :(

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas, enjoy yourself and don't drink too much! Oh, gone on then, do...!!!!!!

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

    P.S. You had me at "it outlines my boobs quite nicely"


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