Stylemoi Review + Red Maxi Skirt and Feather Print Muscle Tee Outfit

I came to know Stylemoi through other fashion blogsie friends and I was enamored by their collection of clothing and accessories. Their site is filled with heavenly pieces and a great selection of one of a kind items I've never seen in other online stores. So, naturally, being the greedy bastard I am, I applied for their Blogger collaboration program and was approved a few weeks later. I was jumping from joy that I would not only try out their products, but share my experience with my lovely internet friends. So....first things first... 

First Impressions

Stylemoi takes great care of their customers, with some pretty rad deals, giveaways and discounts. They offer free shipping worldwide and their product selection is phenomenally huge, with prices even a poor jobless couch potato like me can afford. I wanted to try out as many different products as possible, so I picked out a skirt, a tank top, flared pants, a set of rings and a bracelet. I placed my order and buckled up my seat in anticipation. Aaaand here comes the slightly sour part...

As you know I like to make my reviews as honest as possible, without sugarcoating anything, all cards on the table, and it's up to you guys to form your own opinions. Hence, I must mention their customer service was very nice and polite till the end, but the overall lack of communication and understanding of what's going on was lingering like an annoying hipster over a gluten free cake in a vegan cafe. 
I placed my order on the 9th of May, but on the 14th they wrote to me that two of my items were out of stock and to order something else in their place. I placed my new order and asked them to contact me if they have the new items in stock. No one ever wrote back. On the 24th of May I asked them when would my package be shipped, they replied that it was going to be shipped within two days. Great! Buuuuuuut....

On the 30th of May I got another letter that the bracelet was out of stock and to choose another item in its place. I replaced it with a necklace and waited....and waited...and waited...Until I finally caved in and wrote them on the 7th of June what's up with the freaking package. No answer. For a few days, there were practically tumbleweeds in my inbox, until finally on the 16th of June my package was shipped. Upon arriving of my items, I found out the necklace was nowhere to be found and instead I got a set of tattoos in its place.

Now, don't get me wrong, the tattoos are awesome, but I didn't order them. This whole miscommunication was somewhat unsettling. I understand they might have been super busy, dealing with hundreds of other bloggers and didn't have time. I've read other people's reviews and they were extremely positive, so maybe it's just a one time thing. Either way, this is the only negative I have to say about them, everything else was great, and here come the positives!


Upon shipment you receive a tracking number and a website where you can track your parcel. Standard procedure you might say, but you have no idea how many times I've ordered from other websites and the tracking number never works. It either stays stuck at a certain country or it arrives without even as much as a text saying "FUCKING ARRIVED FINALLY!". 
The tracking number from Stylemoi was pure bliss! You can track every movement of your package, wherever it is, at any time! This is the future people!!!
The shipping was very fast as well, took only 10 days to come to my God forsaken country. Hallelujah! 

Products and Packaging 

My items arrived in this very cutesy packaging. I think little details make all the difference, so I found the little stickers on the package to be very adorable and worth mentioning. 

And now for the juicy part - the products! I often fall in love with my clothes, but the stuff from Stylemoi are especially easy to love. All of the items were exquisite, high quality material and design. I kept prancing around the mirror thinking: "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my Gawd!". Especially in love with my first outfit I styled with their items, which is consisted of a breathtaking maxi skirt with side splits, a feather print muscle tee and a set of golden rings. I'll be showing you the second outfit with the flared pants later on the blogsie, so stay tuned! 

I wanted to create a boho - grunge mix so I paired everything with black combat boots and added a snake skin belt for texture. I intentionally left all of my crap at home, didn't even take my bag, since I wanted to convey a free spirited hobo kind of style? That's the truth I'm telling ya, not the fact that I was too lazy to bring anything with me and wanted my hands free to carry as much ice cream as possible, yup!

I also used one of the flash tattoos, and it was easy peasy to apply and lasts for days. Boyfriend said the whole tattoo thing is ridiculous and reminded him of preschoolers, but I only listen to the boyfriend when he has something meaningful to say like: "What shall we eat?" and "Do you want beer?"

The skirt also makes my butt irresistible, no? 


Overall I have mixed feelings for my collaboration with Stylemoi. While the lack of communication was unnerving, the shipping, packaging and items were close to perfection. Perhaps this was a one time only thing, if so, I have to say I really like their services and provided there are no hiccups like the one I experienced, they are a great online store!

Red maxi skirt with side splits - c/o Stylemoi, Feather print muscle tee - c/o Stylemoi, A pack of 6 rings - c/o Stylemoi, Mirror Glasses - H&M, Boots & Belt - Second Hand.


  1. Thanks for the review, Keit :) You look gorgeous! Love your dip-dyed hair, I hadn't notice that before.
    Frame Ambition by Julie O | Model. Blogger. Kenyan Girl.

  2. It's a real pity about the communication (that drives me so crazy, too) - but the outfit is AMAZING on you - perfect festival wear!

  3. You free style blogger you! Look at you go with no hands!
    Adore all this beautiful stuff. And yes, since you ask, your butt is adorable ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Very youthful look! You look chic and modish there:) I have never had an experience with ordering anything at Stylemoi, but it's kind of weird that you've got items which you didn't order. Anyway, I believe it's just an exception to the rule.
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead and only successful purchases!

  5. Now that's one of ur sexiest outfits ever! Love how you rocked it!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST

    XoXo Venoma
    Fashion Blog Serbia

  6. The outfit is just fab., I love the top and skirt! Too bad communication wasn't the best, it can really have a bad effect :/

  7. I love that you admit to being a greedy bastard. Now, see, I'm totally going to be a greedy bastardista just like you and go apply for that. Because who doesn't like free shit. Hahahaha.

    That skirt is a freakin' dream! Oh my gosh. I would wear that forever. You're always so smoking hot, Keit. Sorry that their communication wasn't so good. That never makes you look at someone the same. Snivel.

  8. I'm still dazzled by your ruby pout! and as soon as my hair is long enough I'm going to steal your style! Enjoyed the review & I love the kick arse boots contrasting the feminine skirt but for me the t - shirt wins hands down, feather print is awesome. Shame about the super late delivery, no wonder it's free hmmm???

  9. Ah, those kind of tattoos are trending 'rite now in festival-style-people :O I saw it on the store, want to buy them buuuuut "wtf i wear kinda vintage clothing not a festival-like clothing it's not share the same theme lol"
    I ALSO ALL LIKE "omgogmogmogmog!!!!!!!finally!!!" after I got the thing I bought something:D trying them non-stop infront of the mirror and imagining how cool I'd look if I wear themB-)
    I absooolutely love the skirt, I have a thing for slit maxi skirt, but hey, I wear maxi pencil skirt everyday to school (it's the uniform tho) :D Seeing you rocks wear maxi skirt....It inspires me to buy that maxi skirt in thrift shop I saw last month (???) lol!

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  10. That shirt kills it! I love it!
    Yeah, nothing like bad communication to blow it all up! (Which is how I feel most days at work...)

  11. Ouuu I love that skirt and how you styled it! I don't understand why companies are so terrible with communication, it is kind of a no brainer when it comes to business, isn't it?!

  12. ПРЕКРАСНА СИИИИ! Това ми е любимият твой outfit пост до сега! А се бори с много голяма конкуренция! Това е точно стила, с който си те представям! И полага, и топа с пера и кубинките/ботите... много яко! И пак е толкова цветно! Да знаеш, че ако те срещна някъде на улицата ще се затичам към теб! :D

  13. Perfect from head to toe. <3 Fantastic crop top! I love the print!

    - Anna

  14. Stop being so cute what the heck! This outfit is all kinds of good. It sucks that their customer service was icky, though. Like come on. But I'm glad it worked out in the end 'cause everything looks awesome!

  15. this skirt is gorgeous!!!

  16. That red maxi was made for you (all of you;)! I do really like the mix of grunge with the bohemian, it's totally awesome. I loveee the boots....such a great combo! So cool that your experience was on overalls positive. I have the worst luck when it comes to packages, sometimes those post people do crazy things with it.
    the tattoo looks totally cute and the top is fantastic.....

  17. Wooow and again wooow and again wooow! You look adorable! Love the tee and sunnies :)

  18. Love, that tattoo, a shame about the poor communication though. Love the slit on the skirt and fab crop top.

  19. Ah i love your outfit! I wish I could rock maxi skirts but man I just can't lol
    HEY I GO ON STYLEMOI TOO! They are pretty good with always communicating with me like on the low it's usually me that sometimes responds slow lol...

  20. Oh girl! You glow in these outfits! I love how this color (with the echo on the mouth) makes your eyes pop! (Or maybe your look is always catchy, it works too). Overmore, it's sexy and simple at the same time, and that is awesome.
    The order seemed a bit complicated indeed oO I'm patient, but I would have found it harsh ^^


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