Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Inspired Outfit

Hiiiii everybody! *insert "The Simpsons" Dr Nick voice* How was your weekend? I spent mine watching TLC's fashion shows from 11am till 22:00! I'm not proud of it, but I'm only human, I've got my weak moments! One time I spent a whole week watching Buffy, and getting depressed about her all over again. Why is she always so sulky? Maybe because of the constant presence of death and evil sexy vampire boyfriend, but she also has the cutest nose and awesome super powers, so suck it up Buffy! 
Any who, watching her in retrospective made me realize she's quite an ass! When I was a teen Buffy was my hero, but now when I'm all old and judgmental, especially when I'm hungry, she seems so different and annoying. I don't know, maybe I'm too old to appreciate teenage melodramas about vampires, what do you guys think? Have you seen Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Did you like it?

So, gonna dive into the outfit straight away today, since I have nothing of importance to say except that yesterday I ate the MOST spicy chilly I have ever eaten in my life and magically it didn't give me gas! So, as I said, moving on to the outfit!

Today's outfit is inspired by Buffy, the title of the post might have already given that away!  She may be an ass but she did wore a generous amount of cute denim and spaghetti strap tops, and I think at one point there were nipples showing and all!

No nipple action here, but I'm wearing my trusty old bra, which by now you've probably seen more times than my own boyfriend! I did a thing with the hair here, not sure what exactly is the thing...It's a mixture between the notorious fashion blogger double bun and Sailor Moon???
You're not a cool fashion blogger if you didn't do the double bun at least once! I don't know how to make the double bun and even if I did I wouldn't be able to do it either way, so this here weird squiggly hair thing is the closest I'll ever get to being a legit fashion blogger. Sigh....

The radical mom jeans are from Choies and they're so man repelling they make me squeel with joy! Everything that makes men go: "Ugh, not even if I'm dead drunk!" is considered pretty in my book! The jeans are actually high waisted, but I lowered them so I can add my newly thrifted spaghetti strap top into the outfit. Bought this baby for just 1,13US! I love the luscious dark green color and the cut out details on the sides, it also has a 90's charm that immediately sold me! I know everyone are going crazy over the 70's, but I'm a little late with trends, so 'scuse me!

Friend of mine told me I look rather ugly with this particular hairstyle, (yeah my friends are assholes) what do you guys think? I personally love it and I plan to wear this more often than I wear my pajama, which is always!

So that's it for today, hope you are all blossoming into beautiful flowers and enjoying the day before the day, before the day, before the day, before the weekend! HUGZZZZZZZZZZZ you guuuyyyzzzz!!!

High waist jeans - c/o Choies, Top - Second Hand, Mirror Glasses - H&M, Top - Second Hand, Velvet choker necklace - Bornpretty


  1. love it!


  2. random girl from the internetAugust 18, 2015 at 2:49 PM

    Actually, I think you look superb in pretty much any outfit you put on. I recently started to find myself looking at your outfit posts quite often and loving everything about them and used to wonder why I like them so much since your style is definitely not my thing. But then I realized - it's just that it shows that you enjoy wearing those clothes so much and they suit your personality/general vibe SO well and that instantly makes them so much more cool and appealing. And because your outfits are always colourful and quirky and refreshingly different, but it's mainly your vibe that makes them cool, ok?

    You're totally rocking those boyfriend jeans. And I'm not even that into boyfriend jeans.

  3. I love your squiggly double buns and by that I mean your hairstyle. Hahaha. I love vampires but wasn't in on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer bandwagon. I do think the actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a beauty. Something about her is just riveting, I don't know what that is. Perhaps, it's her nose, who knows. As for your man-repelling outfit, I do like it very much! You really carried off the 90s look. Did you read that hot chilli is wonderful for your health? The did a study on it and it's actually protective to your stomach lining and helps burn off fat. I agree with the random girl from the internet though, about you pulling off this outfit. Not many people can look this good but you've got that vibe going on and you slayed it girl! :) xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  4. Psh, whatever, I swear you look good in everything Keit!
    Haha and I missed the memo! I need to try this double bun magicalness...next on my list of blogger goals!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  5. you look so cute :)

  6. Love this look, it's so 90s and fabulous. I can see you in the Spice Girls :)

    Now you've made me worry that Buffy is an asshole. I used to love her, I'm afraid to watch it again in case that changes!

  7. love your look! It has a touch of 90s in it! the sunglasses is just great! Hope you going well, kisses

  8. When my sister was teenager there was a huge hype on Buffy! She loved that serial and she still does! You look amazing and I totally feel the Buffy's touch <3 By the way, I love your haircut <3 It's my dream to look as good as you wearing that haircut <3

  9. you can´t look ugly - even if you try hard!!
    i wore exactly that look ca. 1993 - but never saw buffy - i was already to old to fall for such "schmonzes".
    and i did not new that double bun is still a thing - thought that it died out together with the 90´s....
    mysteries of fashion.

  10. I love the cute with the grunge. Truly your trademark!
    Never watched Buffy so can't comment.
    That hairstyle would look so cute with Harajuku!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Who hasn't seen Buffy? It's been ages since I watched that series, but when I was a teenager I rather liked it. One of my friends told me she once (when she was a teenager) wrote the conclusion of some episode she watched the night before( apparently it got stuck in her mind) as her English language essay. Fortunately her English teacher didn't watched Buffy so she got an A.

    Your outfit is fabulous. I love that top and the jeans are awesome. This nineties vibe suits you so well. Your sailormoon and bun mix is fantastic. You look phenomenal:)!

  12. oh my god i LOVE the double bun - I'm so going to try this!!!

  13. Бъфи, убийцата на вампири беше най-най-най-най-най(х10000000) любимият ми сериал като доста по-млада :D Не е сега съм много стара, но след като съм гледала всички сезони по около 3 пъти, започвам и аз да им намирам кусури, за това реших просто да спра и да запазя топлите си детски спомени! За нослето съм съгласна! Много готин аутфит, наистина доооста напомня на нея.... ще си включа някой епизод...сега... :D
    знаех си,че с теб си приличаме :D


  14. Nice outfit!
    But why is it always the same bra?

  15. I love the double buns, they are so cute on you! I thoroughly enjoy displeasing people (especially men) with the way I dress hehe.


  16. Hahaha. With friends like those...... Well, I think it's cute. I'm biased, though, because I'm in love with you. I know. Awkward. Also, I do my hair like that at least once a week. It's fun. F*ck anyone who says that hairstyle makes you less attractive. ;] That cut-out shirt is wicked, by the way. Love the color, too! Right. So, I'm just going to steal your bag and sunglasses, now. Kthnx.

    - Anna


  17. I remember watching Buffy and no lie she is full of so much angst for a person. omg I may actually rebinge it because I just finished watching Friends for the millionth time. I love your outfit and those jeans! It does look like a buffy outfit all you need is to be in a love triangle and hunt down evil to be super legit!

  18. I completely agree with you on the subject of Buffy's assholery, I tried to watch the how once but she just annoyed me too much!
    And I love the tank top and hairstyle :)

  19. I have never seen Buffy before and I don't think I will. I was more into Charmed more than anything lol. I love this look! It looks so comfortable and those jeans are everything! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  20. Double buns is the best!!! Looking sailor moon-ish is the best XD
    I like your double buns! Because I love seeing hair gets double buns...or twintails...Everything in double/twin is so cute...(???)
    I'm so envy at you, can wear mom's jeans looking so cool...Wish I'm a little bit cooler so I can rock wearing mom's jeans:))

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  21. Want to follow each other via GFC, Google Plus, and Facebook??

  22. I don't have the guts to look at Buffy these days - I'd rather remember her as the cool chick from back in the day. And your outfit - I love those double buns on you and the jeans are FAB. For some reason, this made me think of Blumchen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5QJVUMARLc) although you're way cuter.

  23. Бъфи ми е най-любимия сериал евър. До ден днешен. Не съм го гледала от години(а трябва), откакто последно го излъчваха, но дори го имам на касетка последния епизод на единия сезон. Бях такъв фен, мммдаа, чак съм го записвала на видео касетка да си го имам. Всички епизоди от сезон едно до края съм ги гледала, въздишайки по Дейвид Бореанъз и трябва да призная, че епизода, в който Ейнджъл ставаше лош и после добър и падаше гол от някъде си ми беше фейвърит, хахахха :D *naughty*

  24. I the nineties I was totally immersed in being a mother -probably had mum jeans too but don't really remember my 90s clothes much. I tried an episode of Buffy once out of curiosity and couldn't watch a second. I watched the first one ever where she is new at the school and meeting everyone. That was enough. I am so old. Also too old for Sailor Moon though I have a vague idea of who that is. When I was in university my then boyfriend (later husband, now ex) and I used to watch cartoons to relax. We watched lots of Inspector Gadget and Jem. I would not be at all suprised if you could pull of those looks too.
    You are rocking that double bun. Don't listen to your nasty friends! xoxoxo

  25. I could never pull out that jeans cut, great job! And hair is quite crazy xD I watched Buffy and I loved it when I was a young teen (or maybe earlier?) not sure how would I like it now.
    Lots of love hun

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    XoXo Venoma
    Fashion Blog Serbia

  26. Hell yeah, this outfit rocks! :D Your hair, jeans and the top - gorgeous! Buffy never looked so great, by the way! :)

    XX, Sara.


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