Pink Skirt with Vinyl Plastic Detail

It is with heavy heart I have to share with you, that during the period of 5 months two pairs of shoes  have completely desintegrated while on my feet and they did so while I was away at work.
The whole soles just magically removed themselves from the shoe and flew on the pavement and I was left with half a shoe and an eerie looking colorful sock underneath.

This happened to me twice for God's sake. What do they put into these shoes, Keit repellant???

It happened to me today while it was pouring rain I must add, and my sock was not only eerie and colorful but also wet.
Maybe the fact that I buy shoes for less than 20$ is actually the reason behind my misfortunes, but I refuse to believe that!
Eitherway, I managed to drag myself towards the office Quasimodo style and cursed my stinginess while trying to figure out a way of how to get back home without spending cash for a cab (stingy, remember?).

Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? I know horror stories of broken high heels, but this I find normal, it's not like half of your shoe is left to lie helplessly on the sidewalk!!!

I wore this outfit a day before my shoe situation and quite frankly I adore it. This pink skirt is one of my favorites, because of the vinyl plastic on it, which a friend of mine calls a table cloth. I actually didn't knew vinyl would be trendy next year until I casually dropped a few Bulgarian currencies on a gorgeous transaprent vinyl raincoat, while I was drunk.
Yes, do not shop while on alcohol....I decided to snoop around the internet and check for ways of styling this thing and accidentaly found out that plastics are going to be in this Spring, and I don't know how to feel about it.
I kind of think that transparent plastic is still reserved for BDSM only, but hey, who am I to judge.

Anywho, I wore this on another mundane day at the office where the only exciting thing that happens is my colleague sitting next to me showing me funny memes....The hoodie is a Christmas present from my boyfriend's parents and as you see it is not dog-proof and I am too lazy to clean it before taking photos. Just be content with the fact that I did not get any mustard or ketchup on it yet, cause these ain't going away either.

I paired the hoodie with...... God, I am so tired right now my mind is like plasma, that plasma from the plasma balls, I have so much stuff to do but myr brain is like: "HELL NO, Imma gonna lie in bed and stare at a dot!". I am currently trying to gather the last ounces of brain capacity I have to produce a genuine clothes discussion. So, moving on, I paired the sweatshirt with my pink sneakers you guys probably remember from here and a pink satchel bag I got again from the second hand store Looking at this I think I should start wearing more jelwery and the only thing stopping me is the fact that when I have rings on my hands and I pee, I have to take them off to wash my hands.....I can hear you smirking at me, do not, this is a real problem people!

Today I am going to dye my hair  again! ALONE! Pray together with me please!

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  1. Hahahaha! Let me tell you, I've had one shoe sole dropped off while my mom took photos of me for the blog. I had to inspect the photos to identify the location when my shoe lost its sole and guess what? The photos revealed the missing puzzle. I was so proud of myself when I found that piece of plastic and brought it to the cobbler who got the shoe to reunite back with its lost sole. I even imagined myself being a detective to solve criminal mysteries for a few days after that. Anyway, you look on point with the skirt and thank you for making me laugh. Oh btw, have a healthy new year! :D x

  2. Welcome back to the internet and happy new year.

    I've had a couple times where I wore a hole through the rubber sole of my shoe and then tore a hole through the bottom of my sock before I realized what was happening. (I was wearing Feelmax shoes, which don't have any padding on the bottom, so it wasn't immediately noticeable.)

  3. Haha. Man, that sucks. Super embarrassing. Sorry about that, dude. The new shoes look great, though! :D Love your hair color. Goes perfectly with the outfit! Happy New Year! <333

    - Anna


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