Sweatshirt Dress with Faux Fur sleeves and Pom-pom Earrings OOTD

When it comes to pizza, I go crazy. When it comes to beer, I go crazy. When it comes to self-loathing, I go crazy. And when it comes to fur, I go crazier. Either it be faux fur or natural real fur (yes, I am one of those people, you can spray red paint and sacrifice me to the Gods), I get a sudden itch to wear it and love it, and pet it and marvel at it!

Hence, I love wearing this snugly sweatshirt dress.When I first had a look at this it raised feelings of disgust and desire to have it, at the same time. Maybe that's how Fifty Shades of Grey works?
Can't even say it suits me, since dark green never goes well with my complexion. I'm too pale and dehydrated looking to be brave enough to style dark green, but this dress has FUUUUUURU!

I really don't bother much to style it, it is statement as it is, so I think the lesser I put, the more humanoid I would look and maybe people would welcome me into their tribe.
I got the pom-pom earrings from the most cost-efficient store at the heart of Sofia where Chinese manufacturing has taken on a whole new level. It's an all you can wear buffet with winter hats dashed with sequins, leather and steel bracelets, warm cozy scarves  and so many jewellery even Aliexpress would be ashamed.

On the photo below you can see Buttercup from "The Power Puff Girls" on my sleeve, who's new episodes suck badly btw, so badly, I think this new generation of ours is going to be fucked up in the head.

In regards to shoes, you know it, I was with my red ankle patent boots again. They are too comfortable to miss out on a perfectly crisp Wednesday, right after the Christmas chaos has finally ended and people start realizing they gotta charge up that Gym card hard. Cause the cellulite is staying there for good and people usually do not like bums with dimples, although I personally think it's cute, it's like it's smiling right at you!

Sweatshirt dress - www.Dresscode.bg, Zara red ankle patent boots, Dinosaur necklace from Choies

For make up I, wore pink eyeliner on my eyes, which after seeing these photos, it's safe to say makes me look like an Ebola victim. Nevertheless it suits the boots, so 50:50. I think I should finally quit trying to pretend I know how to do make up. I swear if someone tells me "Do your eyeliner perfectly symmetrical or your Momma's gonna die" I would be like "Well, we had a good run Ma, with all the cooking and sewing my buttons".....

Is anyone here reading really good at make up? If yes, tell me the truth, it's a gift from Satan right? 
Thank you for watching another episode of the deranged shopaholic.


  1. It's one gift from Satan, I'm sorry I missed. I can't do make up to save my life which really doesn't make sense because it is not like I can't draw a straight line. I paint all the time, why I can't paint my own face? Maybe make up is a matter of practice? You need to do it regularly do get good at it? And maybe when you try sth new you have to take time to practice that make up look. That actually make sense. I should try sticking to one make up look for a year and see if I get better. But I'm lazy so most of the time I don't wear make up. Anyway, I actually like the pink eyeliner, but in my experience it is better to stay away from red one. I saw one girl with a red eyeliner and I actually thought her eyes were bleeding or something, it was such a weird moment; I almost asked her does she need any help. Pink eyeliner ,on the other hand, looks really cute. I like your lipstick!

    I see you hair has gotten purple! Progress:) Purple matches olive green quite nicely. I actually like the tone of this dress, it is almost a metallic dark green (if there is such a thing), it is not the usual dark green. It is definitely a statement dress. I love how you styled it. The necklace and the earrings are pretty much perfect.

    I have a fur addiction too! But the strange thing is that now when everyone is sporting fur jackets I don't feel like wearing fur that much. Not that I would say no to a fur coat. Faux fur that is, I'm allergic to animal hair (curiously enough it hasn't stopped me from keeping pets in the past). Now I'm more interested in fur details, like that cute fur detail on that dress.

    Those boots do look very comfy...and just as importantly (because we're superficial that way)- very stylish and pretty. Your comment about dimples and cellulite made me smile. You're so funny! Cellulite never really bothered me, maybe because I have massive scars, so in comparison it doesn't seem like a big thing...Besides my skirts are usually not short enough for it to be visible:) and in Winter I always wear tights.

  2. WOww!!! Amazing style. Love your photos .You look stunning.
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  3. Your dino necklace makes me smile. So cute and oh so fun. I do love that fur dress on you, it's so very unique in the way the sleeves are designed and super suited for Keit. As for the pom pom earrings, those are just quirky the way you styled them with the outfit. Hahah about Chinese manufacturing and Aliexpress. You are on fire in this post. Super adorable and too funny for words. I can apply makeup but that depends on the meaning of makeup. These days, on YouTube or Instagram, there's a FULL ON war face paint culture I am not a part of. Since turning 35, I realized the natural beauty of my face needs some real spotlight even though it's not perfect. I wear some eyeliner, a dusting of eyeshadow or blush that doubles up as eyeshadow and my favorite makeup element: LIPSTICK. I don't know what else to say but girl, you always look so fine in your face paint that I never thought you need Satan to help you with it! <3

  4. Nope can't do makeup. I am just fortunate that I suit a minimal makeup look because that I know how to do. I don't have a steady hand, don't have the patience, contouring and liquid eyeliner are just not going to work for me at all so nope. I spent one day thinking maybe I should try out Goth style 'cause a 50 year old woman with a 23 year old son should do that. And since he and I watch anime together on the weekend I have toyed with dressing up in some sort of anime girl look but yeah..no. Still, I really do want anime hair cause it is so pointy and awesome. Your dress is really cool and totally suits you and you just hafta do Ebola eyes because of those boots. and Pom pom earrings, it would be a crime not to. So, when I was your age I didn't succeed at the eighties. I will just enjoy your colourful style now from the comfort and safety of my beige sofa. xo

  5. This is so you. :D Rad dress! Love the necklace, too! <3

    - Anna



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