Florals in the Winter - A floral Denim Dress Outfit

Hello ladies, and gents if there are any. Even if there are, why are you reading a girl's fashion blog!? Don't you have a life? I'm just kidding, I don't have a life too! I've been repeating my days like some sort of a sick twisted Bold and the Beutiful episode. Wake up in the morning, play with doge, go to work, work, go back home, play videogames. Repeat. I feel like I am wasting my youth away, so I recently downloaded Al Jazeera's news app so I can have a notion of what is going on in the outside world without practically going outside.

As it turns out this was a  mistake because the app only updates me when there are emergency homicidal situations, mass genocide situations, basically I feel like ALJazeera is cherry picking all of the news involving despair and doom and forwarding it my way. I just wanted to have common knowledge of the current world and I got an apocalypse!

Speaking of, I wore this outfit to the movies last week and went all ballistic with the colors. Since the cold came to Bulgaria too, I've been dressing really lazy and sloppy cause I don't have the motivation to think of something original when the wind is peeling my skin off. The cinema time was the perfect occasion to dress up a little, knowing perfectly well that the boyfriend will drive my floral ass back and forward in the car like some sort of a vegetable.

The movie we saw was The Commuter with Liam Neeson and boy did it suck bad! If you've seen one Liam Neeson movie you've seen them all. It starts off promising and just when you start thinking "Hey now this is something neeew!? the absurdity sets in and you are forced to munch your popcorn in silence, as your brain is exploding with so many witty references on how bad this movie is.
All I could think about throughout the movie was how much I wish I was home on my sofa, with freshly brushed teeth cause the popcorn got stuck on so many places I can't mention without sounding erotic. 

I thrifted this dress last summer and  I've been wearing it only to the beach and back, unitl I realized it's super practical because it goes with sweaters so well and makes every outfit super cozy and comfy for the winter. I styled the dress with a cold shoulder top and over the knee socksies, since it was still freezing and I wanted to add a dash of skankyness as well.
As you can see the current hair color is the final one, since the boyfriend does not allow me to dye it anymore. I've got blue, yellow, pink, purple, green and basically everything else BUT lavender.....
All those DIY at home youtube tutorials helped in a sense that I didn't go bald, so there's that!
Do you guys like it?

Floral Denim Dress - Second hand, Red patent boots - Zara
Btw, there is a huge sale in Zara's stores right now, I already bought a jacket and booties for only 30$. Have a look!


  1. Oh man, that's why I avoid the news as much as possible...
    Haha I much prefer the news from your life! xD Love your colorful outfit and hair girl!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. You crack me up! Not your outfit obvs this is eyewateringly cheerful. Florals in Winter is a must otherwise we'll all be suicidal from the grey skies & barren earth. Now go uninstall that app 😉

  3. I do love your outfit, that floral dress is adorable and the way you styled it is very fresh. If you ask me, a bit (or a lot) of colour and a good dose of patterns is the perfect way to cheer ourselves, especially in winter time. There are days when I dress in dark tones, but they are pretty rare. Most of the time I'm all about colour and perhaps I always was. I just love bright colours.

    Your hair looks pretty good! I'm impressed that you managed to dye it yourself and keep it all. I would probably go bald if I tried it. I'm planning to dye my hair black some time next month and keep it that way, seems like the easiest thing to do.

    I pretty much gave up on Hollywood films, I only go to cinema if my husband drags me to see a Hugh Jackman film ( he loves Hugh, and who doesn't? ) but the last X man sucked so bad that I think he is giving up too.

  4. I love how colorful this outfit is! I haven't heard of that movie, but I'll be sure to stay away. I usually avoid going to the theater and just watch films at home on Netflix, that way I can just turn them off if it's bad.

  5. You are my regular dose of 'everything I am not' and I love it so much! Thanks for all the giggles and snorts! I have to live vicariously through you because I can't do this kind of drama. I look at you and think why does this not work on me and then I remember oh yeah, I am older and have got a totally different body and face. You are made for drama but I bet you could also pull of that boxy, shapeless all black look with cleopatra eyes. Not that you'd want to. I would but can't do that either without looking like a fat cube. I have been avoiding news lately. It makes life so much more peaceful but I admit I feel a bit stupid when someone says 'You know about XYZ thingy that happend in Q, right?' and I have to say, 'oh no I didn't know'.

  6. You are hilarious. I stopped watching the NEWS ever since I got old. So, young people please, before you get old as I am, stop reading the news! You look so kawaii here and I still think you dress so light for the winter. I can relate to the comment left by The Dragonfruit though, why watch any news when I can read YOUR news. :p


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