Gray Turtleneck Slim Dress and a Pink Pencil Skirt Outfit

Working in Customer Support has taught me to be extremely patient with people, it also brought the habit of smoking and the universal truth that most people are jerks.. Even with my mouthful of experience with stupid, angry, confused, irrational and just plain out of this planet humans, there are still things that make my eye twitch with repressed anger. One of those things is when for whatever reason you register at a dating site and all of the people there write under section "Interests" the thoughtful "Having fun....!". Like, seriously. I can imagine someone mentioning that they do not enjoy fun, but instead dwell into a deep depression pretending to be the victim of their own personal drama. Now, that's a conversation starter!

Having fun is one way to put the "O" into "Oh dear Lordy why have you forsaken us", but another superlative people, especially girlies like using, is the "I am a blogger, model, photographer" recipe. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, I think I've used two of those, one time when I pleaded a company to give me a job, cause my skills and knowledge summed up into preparing a kick ass bloody merry.
What bugs me is people tend to go that extra mile and always pretend to be CEOs, managers, models etc, when all they manage is their social status in Facebook. One time, I chatted with a guy from Tinder, who's first sentance was "I WORK FOR A MAJOR COMPANY, I MANAGE THE SHIT OUT EVERYTHING". Well he didn't put it that way, but I wasn't reading anyway cause I was too busy figuring out why the hell am I still using this app.

I know that people appreciate others who have accomplished something in their life, but some go to the extreme to show off they are superior and the best choice for mating.
Am I the only person alive still trying to pick up the pieces of my broken life? Are all people on the internet managers and high class models, when is someone going to confess they are a total waste of oxygen?
From now on I will be a proffessional video game player, model, astronaut, potato! Okay?

Starting my carrer as a proffesional potato takes a lot of effort and motivation, both of which are foreign to me. I am willing to change for the cause though and the first step is altering my style to the way I want it to be, as I mentioned in my previous post. This is my second attempt at grappling my love of colors and change. I wanted to style something everyday casual but with a hint of playfullnes and what better way then to try on a fitting silutethe and the color hot pink. 

The cherry on the cake are the orange mittens which I thrifted few days ago. I love hobo looking mittens with no fingers and I find the combination of pink and orange as not very frequent, which is a shame because both colors can add that extra to any plain outfit. Just add some hot orange pumps with dark denim and a white crips shirt and you have an immediate transition from business to chic.

So, what do you guys think? Would you wear orange and pink or would you rather bite your arm off? 

All pieces - Second hand, Brogues shoes - Nickels


  1. Следя ти блога от години (поне 4 вече, хаах) и се радвам много да виждам, че си все така позитивна, цветна и щура <3 :)

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! I love that you paired orange and pink together, they're both such vibrant colours and you're right.... they don't get matched often enough. That pink skirt is super pretty!!! Wearing it over a grey turtleneck dress was such a clever idea. The shoes are cuteness overload. Perfect outfit!

    I totally agree with your text btw. All this posturing is getting on my nerves. Everyone is a model, representative, CEO, girl boss, life expert and I don't know what. What ever happen with real life? I mean it is great to aspire to be more, and to want to go the next step...but just pretending doesn't really get one there. Being active on one's social media doesn't make one automatically a life coach, boss boss or whatever. It just means you're active there and that's that. I know that people sometimes fake it till they make it (and I don't judge them for it), but this trend is becoming ridiculous. Everyone is starting to project this super successful business persona (model, representative, boss, influencer- the list is endless) who likes to have fun and travel all the time and it is just so unrealistic.

  3. LOL I tried online dating and it was quite awful. Every man my age is apparently fit and active and looking for a companion to climb mountains with. I love pink and orange, also pink and yellow, and a general mix of peach, pink,yellow, cream and orange. The latter is often a colour combination I get if I buy flowers. I also love hobo mittens, or fingerless gloves as I usually call them. I sometimes wear them indoors. I get cold hands and feet. Your fitted sweater/skirt with the splashes of colourful whimsy suit you well. LOVE the shoes too! xo

  4. You are super sexy, intelligent & witty (I put sexy first as it's the first thing I noticed although that is no pc atm) ticks a lot of boxes. You can be a box ticker? Ack no, you can be whatever you want to be with those credentials my friend ;-)
    Hey what happened to the new hair colour?

  5. The skirt over the sweater dress = genius! You look so frickin' cool! <3

    - Anna

  6. You are something else! Hahaha. I just adore that you work pops of colors the way you want it and always slay your looks no matter what. Love the bright orange and pink and YOUR HAIR! And of course, everything that you wrote here made me chuckle which is plenty good for this tummy. It's working out some of that deep lazy muscles. Keit, you are so beautiful! Do they make human beings extra gorgeous there in Bulgaria? I'm such an oldie, I never was on Tinder. I don't know how to relate to people on that app. And plus, I couldn't be bothered. I love coming here though, taking it the old school way, leaving a comment like this. HAHAHA. I hope you like reading this comment on mine! On these dating sites or social media, folks like to appear EXTRA but we all know that everyone is pretty BASIC in real life but that's nothing wrong with that. It's the TRYING to impress that GETS old! But then again, maybe it's your gorgeous EYES, they cannot help it. Either way, I hope you have deleted that app! Because we want you here! :D x


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