Sunday, April 8, 2018

March Favorites

Happy Easter everyone! The time has come to share useless information about my month. I can't remember most of it in regards to life, but I did change my hair color a few times and also got stressed from work, not my favorite month I gotta admit. 
On the positive side, I managed to be an adult and finally renew my ID card, after months of happily dancing around town without a valid ID. I also snatched a few goodies with my new job's salary of course, so here you go!

Favorite Fashion Buy

I've been on the look out for a classic trench coat with a subtle cappuccino color, but damn ain't nobody got money for that. I found this in a second hand shop which is quite popular here in Bulgaria, called Mania and it costed like 2 bucks! The only downside was that it has a little hole in the sleeve, which is barely visible, that's why it was so cheap.

The most awesome thing about it is that the wool lining is removable and you can transition this easily from a colder to a warmer weather.

I am wearing this almost daily and thought I'd share an outfit post when my hair was reddishly pink?
I also just remembered that I ordered some clothes from an online store when I was drunk and wrote the wrong address.... I just wrote to their customer service support, please don't hate on me, I am customer service too!

Anyways, a second buy I absolutely cherish is this brown caramel blazer I also thrifted. It's originally H&M and the cut is business flirty and I feel much like a productive member of society with it. Much paying bills, wow.

Favorite Beauty Product

I have this obsession with unicorns and glitter like most ladies these days, but I had it before it was cool! Last month I was happily rummaging through some new ins in DM and spotted the essence prismatic highlighter stick which promised me I will look like a unicorn, and what girl doesn't want to look like a magical horse?

The stick is quite subtle so I have to plaster a few layers on my cheeks for it to be noticeable, but I am super happy with the end result. There is a glossy finish to your skin and when I come out from my dark girl cave and the sun lands on my cheeks, they sparkle! What more could you want!

Favorite Song

As a respectable no-lifer, I couldn't miss the chance to shove down everyone's throats, my new anime obsession - Claymore. It's one of the classics and the ending song makes me feel majestic while waiting for my subway train. The anime is the best mixture of drama and blood, just like me on that special time of the month, and I highly recommend, if you want to listen to someone who has dedicated their life to staying at home. 

So, that's about it for today, I am about to take the doge out for a walk and will probably rot veggie style on my sofa later on. 
I wish you good day all!

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  1. Fantastic outfit, love how this combo looks with both the blazer and the trench. Nothing beats a denim skirt. Second hand stores sometimes have the best things and what we find there is often pretty original.

    It's been a while since I've seen an anime, that one seems pretty cool.

    Have a great day!


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