Free People Magnolia Coat and How To Look Like a Trendy Bear

Sooooo, I've been obsessed with faux fur coats for years, but I just couldn't find the perfect one. A coat which combined style, color and one that doesn't make me look like a cupcake stuffed with more cupcakes.

I tried various styles throughout the years, (yes, years, no-lifers are allowed to do that) and each one pushed me further into believing this type of coat was just not for me.

Until I saw this beauty! (please ignore the weird face, I just ate a lot and felt like a marshmallow)

The brand is Free People and their signature Magnolia blue coat has everything I need in my life! Well, it can't cook roast chicken and propose marriage, but other factors are checked. 
The blue color changes depending on the light, it is warm enough to battle blizzards and has huge pockets to keep my tacos safe.

I snatched it last year during a summer sale in and booooy was it cheap. I do think I still look like a bear on acid during a Coachella festival, but who cares, I am a trendy bear, so that's what counts. 

I styled it with my new Palladium high top sneakers and an unlawfully too colorful sweater. I wore this for a casual lunch with a guy who is not a boyfriend, but not a friend either, so not sure what he is, but he stays at home sometimes and likes my cooking, so there's that. I'm living the dreaaaaaam!

Restaurants have just opened here in Bulgaria so even if it's -10 degrees outside I cherish every moment where I can breathe car infused air and not my cigarettes' infused apartment air. 

What about you guys, are restaurants open in your countries? 

Magnolia Faux Fur Coat - Free People, High Top White Sneakers - Palladium, Neon Green Sweater - No brand. 


  1. Everything's pretty much still closed here in Poland and takeaway only. Nevermind that tho. The coat is electric and with its yellow linking makes for a nice combo ❤️
    ... like a cupcake stuffed with more cupcakes :D


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