Pizza Necklace and Pizza Shoulder Bag

Hello you precious bento boxies! How is life? I have two announcements to make: It is Tuesday, and I am sick as fuck. I made the mistake of socializing with a guy who had the sniffles and here we are, one week later, I can't breathe through my nose, cause one nostril is blocked like the Suez Canal. 

The good news is I managed to take some outfit shots before I turned into a sick, unbathed mess. For those of you who follow my Instagram, you've probably seen the pizza necklace there and it is currently the best thing in my life! It is handmade by a Bulgarian lady, you can find her FB page here.

She does lots of cool necklaces, bracelets and above all, amazing decorations on cups and cutlery. I've been wanting a pizza necklace for eternity, but couldn't find one anywhere. The ones in Etsy are great, but the cost of shipping would make me homeless, so that wasn't the best solution. 

The lady made this for me for just 12 dollars and I was more than happy that I wouldn't be living in a box. 
I recently found out an amazing online shop called Dolls Kill and I've been on a quest to find similar items in second hand shops, because come on, 50 bucks for a mini skirt?  During one of my quests, I found this pizza shoulder bag for just 3 dollars. Am I Scrooge or what?

I wanted to style these pizza accessories in a simple way, so the accent would be on them, hence the all white outfit. 

Looking at these photos I think I gotta go to the hairdresser soon, those roots are not pleasant on the eyeballs...

We took these photos while on a "serene" walk around the neighborhood, dodging muddy puddles, used condoms and rotten food. Aaaaaah, such a beautiful city I live in! <3

Aaaand, here's a blooper for you! I can't remember what I was blabbering about, must have been very important. 

That's it for today! Love you! *sniffs and goes back to bed*


  1. I hope you feel good now.

  2. Love this outfit. The pizza necklace and bag are just precious.


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