Power Puff Girls Sweatshirt Dress, cause I may be 31, but I am still a Potato

Sooooo, when I was in my 20's people said that when I turn 30 and still haven't procreated and found the Hugh Jackman of my heart, my life would be finished. Welp, I can proudly say this is irrelevant when you consider yourself to be a potato. I spent my 30th birthday laughing at all those individuals who considered themselves experts in life. You MUST get pregnant, you MUST marry, you MUST start behaving like an adult, you MUST talk about the economy and global warming with your married friends on the patio drinking lemonade and mowing the lawn. Yeah, well, as a self-proclaimed potato I MUST agree to disagree. 

Of course I want love and kids someday, but I am not ready to settle with that hobo you said was swell, cause he had all his teeth in tact. Or the sweet guy from across the street who MAY not be sociopath, cause he has a cat named Marshmallow. The thing is, I've heard so many times "You are running out of time" I start to get competitive. Like, we are all running out of time dude, what the hell? Death is awaiting all of us, what possibly can you achieve by rushing things? 

And of course, most of the time, the people in question are fueled by their fear of being alone. HAS ANYONE EVER TRIED TO BE ALONE PROPERLY? IT ROCKS! You can cook what you want, listen to the music you want, watch that telenovela you want, read in complete silence and wear weird unmatching underwear. People are so afraid of their thoughts and weirdness, they run away from it, distract themselves, dwell into unhappy relationships. Well, if my time is running out, all the more reason to make the best of it. 

Hence, this new Power Puff Girls dress I purchased from DeFacto. I'm excited that brands are finally recognizing old cartoons for the art they actually are. Power Puffs were one my favorite and I identify with Bubbles. She's sweet and cute, but she can loose it and turn into a monster. 

A sneak peek into one of my favorite scenes: 


I wore this for the special occasion of walking the doge at our near so called "park". The pandemic has made me realize that if I don't stop wearing joggers stained with pasta every single fucking day, I'm gonna loose it like Bubbles. So I try to dress up at least once in a while to feel like a human again. 

                 Melon colored Jacket - Second Hand, Power Puff Girls Dress - DeFacto

What about you guys, do you like the Power Puff Girls? Who do you identify with?


  1. Powerpuff girls are cute on you, not my thing though. Having kids before 40 is ridiculous, do not do it.

  2. They rock and suit you ❤️ Mental note: Wear my Gumball jumper I've not worn in ages


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