Stay Golden Glitter Lip Kits Review - So Fairy and Deja Vu Colors

Welcome to my Ted Talk! Prepare for a lot of closeup photos and lots of pores! (I apologize sincerely for being a human). 

Since my Birthday is coming up soon, I decided to manipulate my sister into getting me an early present. I actually bought one of Stay Golden's glitter lip kits in 2018 and reviewed it here, but my dog destroyed it and I was devastated. So, for the Birthday I got to choose two different colors and I spent around 2 hours doing so. Those were 2 hours well spent!

I decided to go for the So Fairy and Deja Vu (sold out) colors. Since 2018, Stay Golden cosmetics have pumped up their game, introducing a new dish to the menu - the lip liner. I'm ecstatic, mostly because my hands are always shaking and applying glitter can be tricky, but the lip liner makes it easy to stay in....LINE....I'm so funny...

I actually don't see a problem wearing this daily, especially since we are in a freaking pandemic! Seize the moment and live your life to the fullest, I always say, so glitter in the morning seems legit. 

The gif below is basically a presentation on how to apply the kit. I decided to put red lipstick, instead of the lipliner, just to make the colors pop. The package comes with a glue, which smells like something you wouldn't want to put on your face, but who cares, I tried it so many times now and my lippies are fine, don't be scared!
Apply the glue and use the brush to add, as much glitter as you want.

This is the Deja Vu color and you can see from the different photos, the color and sparkle changes depending on the light. If you are going out at night, it shines like the borealis aurora, I'm not kidding. 

The second one is the So Fairy color and it is my favorite, as I think it suits my complexion and skin tone best. After snapping these photos I had to walk the dog and was too lazy to remove the makeup. I've never felt classier while gathering doggy poop!

As in my previous review, I am really happy with these! I was out at a bar with a friend, kept drinking and smoking (yeah, I know, I'm so healthy) and the glitter stayed on through it all. What a trooper!

The photos don't do justice to how sparkly these lip kits are, so check out my Instagram for a live mode. <3

What do you guys think? Do you like glitter lips and would you wear them during the day?


  1. Hi beauty! OMG, i almost forgot how stunning your eyeballs' shape/color is! Absolutely mesmerizing. You look like a cat! I love cats. By the way, I've never heard of glitter that stays put like ever! You have my interest piqued and I don't know what to do about it as I don't usually wear glitter lips. Perhaps this is the year. Your dog is so lucky to have you looking so on point while he leaves a poo. I hope you'll continue to rock out in the glittery lips and entertain us with more posts! I enjoyed this one. Take good care :D xoxo


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