Two Ways to Style an Animal Plushie Purse

Sooooo, I've been checking out the Tik Tok leggings trend and I don't get it. Do people like Kardashian butts now? The issue I have is that my ass is already like that, without the leggings. Even though some girls would find this cool, I don't like my ass trotting behind me as if detached from the rest of my body. I'm trying to exercise home, to tone this shit down, but I can barely do one pushup....THE SHAME.... I also feel like I'm gonna faint and puke 10 minutes into the exercise. Anyone have any suggestions or videos for noobs? I'm desperate.

Moving on with the styling stuff, you know I looooove the Japanese Harajuku style and especially the Kawaii one, this includes plushie animal bags. 
I have a lion backpack, Pikachu backpack and I found this little deer purse second hand last week. I think it's from the H&M line for kids and I decided to style it two different ways, still trying to look like a sane adult. 

From the glances I got from people, my plan was bound to fail, but still I'm so in love with the tiny deer purse I'll be showing it off often on the bloggy. 

The first outfit is fairly simple, princessy inspired, with a casual purple sweater, black latex skirt and flower headband. 

For the second outfit I decided to mix in some sparkles. The skirt is actually a dress from Zara, bought a looooong time ago when I still didn't hate malls. The socks are from Lidl and the white chunky platforms are from Cropp. 

Do you see the butt?????? DO YOU? I bet Nasa can see it from outer space!

I'm not 100% satisfied with these outfits, I think I could have figured out something more crazy and cool, but oh well. As one former Bulgarian football player says: "Sometime win, sometime liyn" (he's not that good with English). 


  1. I can't do a single push-up. Not helping much here but Oh well. In love with the handbag ❤️

  2. I love both ways you styled this bambi bag. Outfits like these radiate joy, so who cares about people staring!

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