Why I am a Grumpy Bear in my Care Bears Jeans

Hello you gorgeous mozzarellas! How is quarantine life? I was just bragging that we had restaurants open here and now they might close them for God knows how long. And of course, perfect timing with my social life as well, cause I "broke up" with my non-boyfriend. 

Sooo, I got a little bit bored and drunk last night and downloaded a dating app just to check what's on the market. And let me tell you, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but they have foot fetishes, are on Prozac or have three other families of fishies to take care of. 

The world has gone mad and not the type of amusing mad like Alice in Wonderland, the type of mad you'd see on a documentary on "Disturbed people, pretending to be adequate". This is a good title, I'd watch that!

Anyways, dating apps suck. You have to maneuver through offers of money in exchange for you know.... stuff, chatting about politics is NOO NOOO, "are you lonely?" is a question that will lead you to a complete loss of faith in humanity. So today I am a grumpy bear, somewhat, I've prepared a meal with indecent amount of garlic to comfort me, so I guess it is okay. 

I may be grumpy, but damn if I ever wear black! The care bears jeans here are my all time favorite piece of clothing I have, because they are hand painted by an amazing artist and lady.

You can check her FB page here. She paints on everything and her skills make me regret I didn't learn how to properly draw a circle. 

I wore this to a really pretty park early in the morning, because after 11 the really pretty park, gets really crowded and annoying. Decided to style the care bears with a neon pink sweaters and pineapple earring I purchased from Zara in the forgotten 2019, when life was normal. 

And of course, what's a fashion blog post without an even more fashionable puppy?

Jeans - Painted By GalyaArtMadeWithLove, Pink Neon Sweater - Stradivarius, Pineapple Earrings - Zara, Pink Sneakers - Nike


  1. Such a cute pair, you and the doggo ❤️ I'm grumpy and forever black but love the colours on you ��

  2. OMG I am finally here back in your space reading your writing and looking at your photos! I'm so happy to have you back blogging for us mozzarellas! I've always enjoyed your writing and your witty perspective on things. You can talk about garlic, or the excess of it in your meal, I'd relished every word. Not a creepy sense of course. After all, I've been a fan since what, a decade ago. Love the colorful bang of an outfit you wore to start your new blog sesh. I cannot wait for more. Your pup is the cutest and everything on dating apps is crap! :D xoxo


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